Battleborn Competitive League (Xbox One)

A small group of more competitive players and I have banded together to form a club on Xbox One in hopes of inspiring more competitive play with more consistency. This club was designed with the goal in mind of starting a league with weekly scheduled matches for premade teams or free agents. Many players complained about their inability to dedicate a whole day or weekend to playing in a tournament but wanted to play competitive draft-style matches. Having this club on Xbox also allows for ease of access without having to use a third party website(the irony of this statement is not lost on me).

Here are the rules and formatting for the aforementioned weekly league:

Legendaries are banned.

Matches will be 5v5 Captain’s Draft.

Matches are best of 3 with each team being expected to complete their scheduled match by week’s end. Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday.

Higher seed chooses map for Game 1 while lower seed chooses if they would like to ban first or second. The loser of the previous game will decide if they would like map choice or draft choice for the next match ie loser of Game 1 decides either their preferred map or draft spot not both for Game 2.

Seeding will be determined at random for week 1 and for the following weeks will be determined by total number of points.

Each game win will result in a point ex. If Team A loses to Team B 2-1 in the match then Team B will receive 2 points while Team A will receive 1 point on their total points standings.

The game mode will be Incursion with all maps available for play as chosen.

The tiebreakers for Incursion are a little out of sorts right now so we’ll be using the old tiebreaker of highest score wins with kills being worth two points and assists being worth 1 point. The second tiebreaker will be total damage dealt.

Each team will only have 1 scheduled best of 3 match to complete each week. Team captains are expected to coordinate available hours.

Each season will last 6 weeks culminating in a playoff(number of teams for playoff will depend on number of teams that sign up).

Both premade teams and free agents are welcome to sign up. Teams can consist of 5-7 players. If you are a team missing players feel free to find a free agent of your choosing to fill out your roster or I can assign a free agent. Free agents that sign up will be combined to form additional teams as numbers allow.

These rules are still fluid and open for discussion and change but will be made concrete on Monday February 27. Our expected start date is Monday March 6 and I will be accepted team and free agents up until Sunday March 5 at 11:00 pm EST.

I know this is a lot to read and the formatting of my post could be cleaner so for that I apologize. This club isn’t just about trying to form a weekly league it’s also to help players grow in skill at the competitive level. I truly believe for Battleborn to survive or even grow we need a strong casual and competitive scene. Any players who have interest in competitive play whether to play themselves, follow and learn, or to steam the games themselves are welcome. If anyone would like to join and/or register a team post here or message me on this site or request a club invitation on Xbox One or directy message either myself Gamertag: MahZeeeeeee or Maylox23 on Xbox One.


Sounds like fun. I don’t have a dedicated team but I can be a Free Agent. Gamertag is Genericktag.

Cool, I sent you a club invite.

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@InfiniteHench We gotta. @’ the rest of the gang for me, idk their forum names

I, too, would like to engage in some enjoyable video game shenanigans with you all.

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You should probably move the match scoring up next to the “how standings are determined part”

Sounds coo though

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I moved it to the appropriate place. You didn’t say if you personally had interest, so instead of assuming you don’t I’ll just ask, do you have any interest in playing in the league?

I added both you and Eldritch. If you suggest the rest of your team I can invite them as well. Assuming you guys want to participate in the actual weekly league do me a favor and just post in the chat with your team name and the gamertags of your team so I can get it recorded and it’s easier to track who is actually participating.

anyone need one more for their team?

There are a lot of people in the club who are unaffiliated with teams, I hope they’re willing to form teams. Also, last Saturday we did a non premade team session of 10 mans which we may try to make a regular thing since the players seemed to have a ton of fun.

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The Dunksquad would… If we all had an xbone. Q.Q

Glad to see you guys stepping up and trying to get something started. I’ll be glad to help in anyway I can even if it’s just filling in when someones down a player. :acmaffirmative:

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Awesome! That sounds like fun. I was about to give up on it but this might be just what it takes to keep me playing.

So how do i get in on this .

GT is Tapion1ives

I’ll invite you to the club when I get on later tonight and if you have a team we can get them invited and it’s as simple as your captain posting your team’s name and the tags of your teammates. If you want to be a free agent just post that you are looking for a team in chat. If you just want to join to follow the competition that’s fine too.

I did invite you and Cade but I assume neither of you get on your xbox very often. Thanks for the support, I’m hoping this really helps our scene grow.

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If you want to post your gamertag here or message it to me on here or Xbox I’ll invite you when I get a chance tonight.

Oh yeah. I’m ClkwrkCuttlfish on Xbox.

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I played in tourneys. I played with Koreans and fwaming dragon like 6 months ago now? I’m kind of lame in the fact that I prefer OM and Orendi, but my gameplay is solid. I just got back about 2 days ago so I’m learning the new characters and their abilities. I may be interested in playing the Star dude. Holy Duckman13 is my GT

P.S. I usually fly solo so I also do not have a team. FREEBIRD!

I’m down for this, my work schedule is going to get hectic come march, will mostly only be able to play weekends and some weekday nights
GT: General Knoxx81

i got in too ! (zigerion) cant wait to play with you guys :smiley:

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