Battleborn Competitive League (Xbox One)

Not sure I can commit to the weekend thing.

I was posting cause I bump all the competitive things and that part I was instantly like “how is scoring determined.”

I just sent out club invites to all who requested in this topic, let me know if someone who wanted one didn’t receive it.

Can you please send me an invite, GT is SpankMyBigYeti

Sent you one this morning, do wish to also sign up as a free agent? I plan on listing the free agents so those players can get picked up on a team/ to confirm that indeed they would like to do the weekly league aspect of the club.

I mentioned this in the club chat but I’ll put it up here too. I’d be down to stream league games over Twitch and do commentary if you’re into that sort of thing.

That sounds great, I know Maylox mentioned something like this to me. Once we get started with the actual season I’ll try and have captains post the expect times of their matches so those who want to stream would have a chance to do so. Just keep an eye in the club chat, I’ll probably cleaning it up before the season starts and we get everything as a little more organized.

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We’re on week away from the start of week 1 now! Are you guys signing up a team @InfiniteHench @arcaneredneck? If so just have your team captain post the name of your team and your team roster in the club chat.

I’ll join as a Free Agent. GT: Cpt RonCodpeace

Im no web developer but i think i might be able to put together a league table and fancy it i
Up a bit. Do we have a list of gamertags and teams

I can give you one once sign ups end. The whole idea of the club was to try and keep everything in one place on Xbox itself. I didn’t realize how limited the space in the club was. It’d be appreciated though so thank you!

I sent you an invite, let me know if you got it or not since I know a lot of players didn’t get them originally.

If you search for the club you can accept the invite even if you didnt receive it

good decision on what you did with gear, finally someone who understands the integrity of the game. My only reservation is that you are allowing really unbalanced maps into a competitive setting. If it was just a casual quick match, sure, let people get boxed in to their steps on echelon, or let the imbalance of benedict and other flankers have a playground on monuments…

Great concept, just I would ask that you reconsider why every single tournament and every single reputable private match has been played on overgrowth only. There simply is no reason not to, other than perhaps people complaining it gets boring. But anyone who has ever played a sweaty 5v5 knows it is not boring

The only map I hate on Incursion is Echelon because of the line of sight to the sentry from mid. Monuments is fine and it even favors a more ranged meta since it’s so open. Overgrowth gets boring really fast if it’s the only map you play on… They could always map strike so Echelon would never be played by any sane team and it would alternate between the 2 good maps.

I fully agree that Overgrowth is by far the best Incursion map in the game but I figured I’d leave the option open since while both Monuments and Echelon are far less competitive maps they are not so bad that they are tournament ban worthy.


agreed. Echelon is terrible for obvious reasons. Monuments strikes a heated debate by some very niche players and teams out there. It is bad because of how incredibly strong it makes some characters and playstyles. Incursion was always meant to be a tug of war type of mode with team fights and team skills synergy and coordination. I understand the desire for people to be able to flank up behind teams, backdoor, and do certain tactics that are not the norm. While they all sound fine, they simply are not what a competitive match is about. At least not a competitive match of incursion. Incursion is about coordinating pushes–plain and simple. Not going invis and backdooring the sentry, not just doing anything that can work, but actual earned map position affording you the opportunity to win straight up.

If your team is pushed back into your sentry or spawn the whole game, you do not deserve the right to be able to stealth or fly past the other team and take them away from the position they fought long and hard for the legit way. The legit way is how it is described in spawn: escort minions to the enemy’s sentry to help destroy its shields. Not pick benedict and fly past everyone or bomb a lock on skill a 5 year old could use that hits harder than most ults from spots that are inaccessible to most players.

@InfiniteHench @arcaneredneck I’ve played with both of you guys before. If you need a steady and mildly reliable team mate I’m still available.

I can’t wait to see what this league shows off with teams and the free agents. Hopefully everyone has tons of fun!

my biggest hope would be that the somewhat competitive community participates and as a result stop using legendaries in regular games. That would seriously make me worship the ground you walk on

It looks like we’ll have at least 8 teams, and while I can speak for everyone my team and I stopped using Legendaries forever ago.