Battleborn Competitive League (Xbox One)

@mikem1 I saw you posted something about dominating Meltdown matches with your group in a different topic. I didn’t realize you were on Xbox One, would you and your group like to join the club? I’m going to try and get some regular Meltdown games started at some point and this could be a good place to find people to play.

Thanks for putting this together MahZeeeeeee. We’re in the process of trying to put our team together to join before the deadline. I especially appreciate the flexibility of when to play the games.

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That’s good to hear, I was hoping you guys would join as a team but figured you didn’t want to when Rellik and Kamikazi joined as free agents. I hope you guys do get together!

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Yea, I think we should be able to figure things out by March 5th. Looking forward to it.

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Twitch community set up. Join up to follow or stream League games!

Good job and thanks a lot that looks great.

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