Battleborn Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Just revealed at PlayStation’s Paris Games Week’s Press Conference!


wow the hype is real :sunny: i am really looking forward to try those modes, thanks for the anticipation jeff

What was that song? The genre’s not usually my style but it might have to go in the workout mix now!

Hehe, I love the minion battle at the beginning of the trailer.

Looks good! Makes me want it more! :wink:

Cannot wait! And could the trailer be hinting at 10-man raids at the end? Mmm, probably not, but it’s fun to think about.

Rockin! :acmaffirmative:

Orendi and Ghalt are both in the trailer.
I am pleased.

Another awesome trailer!

Too much colors. 10/10

I’m usually not a MP guy but I definitely plan on trying all of these modes with my buddies.

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Finally.

Soooo excited!


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They sounded a bit non-plussed about the game and claimed there wasn’t as much interest as other games. I call shenanigans. I mean, did you see all the cool things they did? :smiley:

I’m so hyped :slight_smile:

I think that’s mostly coming from unfamiliarity - they seemed mostly confused, but that’s how it was before Borderlands came out too.

Only thing that whould make this trailer better is claptrap hero. :joy: :joy:

What i noticed, is Benedict’s new skin. So Murica, Much wow.

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Fairnuf, but it still was kind of a downer after I read “NEW VIDEO” and the enthusiasm just wasn’t what I expected. But hey, on the bright side, got to see a bit more of the competitive stuff for those that couldn’t catch the streams from GBX HQ earlier today.