Battleborn Cooperative Gameplay Walkthrough

The first and only look so far at Battleborn gameplay


Whaaa… Wow! Nice video!!!

Yeah Im pretty excited to see more of this game

My first view the Worlds look pretty empty - glad to see the maps are very busy now!

Art style seems similar to FireFall. Gameplay similar to Team Fortress 2 and the upcoming Overwatch.
All in all: definitely a game I will keep an eye on.

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wow. This seems nice. I liked the Crash Bandicoot spinning guy.

Is there any looting involved?

It really reminds Super MNC.

Two shots from Thorn and that’s it? From what I’ve seen, it looks solid. Can’t wait to play it.

The game looks just great, I’ll be getting this one for sure

This looks pretty good. I’m not into MOBA games but I will keep an eye on this one. I hope the campaign is good.

Art style reminds me of Team Fortress 2. Yea.

We like to say that it started with “anime meets Pixar”.

Clean lines, exaggerated silhouettes, bold colors.

TF2 definitely leveraged from the Pixar “incredibles” movie stylistically. I think it’s one of the things many of us find charming about it.

I think as you see more Battleborn characters, you’ll see our style become more distinct, but I’m glad you guys like what you’re seeing already.

Oh yes! You must have some amazing graphic artists and illustrators at Gearbox. The more i see of it the more I can’t wait to see Battleborn on my 42" TV. I think I’ve seen every animation there has been, I love em. So If your stylists have made the game in a similar genre then it’s gonna be a great looking game. I’m loving Thorn right now :smile:

this gameplay footage is teasing us.
you guys had me laughing with the decryption sequence, so silly.
Love the look on those explosions.
The subtle detail of those floating stairs moving when someone runs up on them.
The cliffhanger looks some scary stuff is going to happen.

( @Jythri ) So the skill tree looks like a DNA string. Leveling up says “augment ready”. Is gearbox going Assassin’s Creed meets Deus Ex on us ?

you can see on Oscar Mikes gun how many bullets he has left in his clip. But there is also a custom bar next to his skills showing the same info. isn’t that a bit double up

hmm… So the story of battleborn is the whole thing about the last star. the name of that star is solus. Why does this campaign session take place on tempis if there is only one star left ?

Is tempis a nearby star and does this mean the campaign takes place leading up to the events of the last star. But if the last star dies what happens to possible future DLC and maybe a sequel.

questions questions questions…

Not quite. :slight_smile: But interesting comparison. It’s the future, right? In fact, the future of the future’s future. So, who knows what’s possible?

On Oscar Mike’s UI:
Ooh, bug! Don’t take much you see in this interface to be final UI. We’ve done a lot of polishing since that video, and will do even more before the game is in your hands.

On the story:
The star’s name is Solus. The planet’s name you are on is Tempest. We’ve also talked about the planet Ekkunar (big, green jungle planet). There’s only one star left, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of interesting places to visit!

Some species are older than others and some are technologically more advanced than others. This gives a wide range of characters. Just by looking at the Battleborn Forum background you can spot a lot of variety. So indeed a lot is possible, but please tell me you don’t go Mario Bros 2 on us and tell at the end it’s all a dream :wink:

Thanks for clearing some things up, looking forward to new details/footage.

After seeing this I have a few questions growing in me:
Is the entire game based on a Multiplayer experience (like Titanfall)?- (that campaign was really a mess IMO)
If so, the game will have dedicated servers? (this is kind of a big deal)
How are they going to manage the DLC for this? because the kind of game that they are doing can be easily managed as a F2P game with a LOT of micro transactions (and I don’t see myself paying for a game with a F2P business model).

I know that I will have to wait to know where this is going but that is the kind of crap that I think when I look up into new games.

@psicocrusher I can’t share all the details with you now. Wish I could. :smile:

Again. The attack ninjas employed by marketing!

That said - I’m a pretty omnivorous gamer myself, and I find there are some flavors of F2P I can tolerate, and some I can’t. I got a new iPad at Christmas, and I’ve been really disappointed by the number of (highly advertised) games that hold forward progress in the game hostage unless I wait them out or give them monies. As a rabid gamer, that really frustrates me. On the other pendulum, I played a LOT of Planetside 2 when it came out. It was F2P, but I could play, advance my character, and even earn things in the game by playing. My options were limited, but never my gameplay. I found that a better experience.

I also play a lot of Marvel Puzzle Quest. I think I’ve given those guys like $80 now, becuase when I unlock a rare hero, I’m not NOT going to have space for it! Also, I find the game oddly satisfying for a match 3…down time light pokemon-strategic buzz. Great mobile game, IMO.

All that said - we haven’t talked about where Battleborn will land yet. We have mentioned robust PvP, a lot of characters, and a cooperative campaign play. It’s a lot of content, comparatively. I’m hoping you find a lot of ways to play and enjoy the game, and I do hope you enjoy it for a long time. I don’t want to artifically wall off your enjoyment.

More to come. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully the story will be more consistent than Destiny’s and the campaign mode will be longer than Evolve’s (that shouldn’tbe hard though, lol).