Battleborn Creative Director (Jythri) Update On Matchmaking Today (1/21)

Just thought I would copy and paste his response (below in bold) from the “NEWS” section to here as I know that many posts tend to get lost in the news threads.
Sounds extremely positive! So hyped :slight_smile:

We’re trying some things now, based on changes we made throughout the year last year.

To be a bit transparent, ELO-based matchmaking has never been disabled. It’s just been set to a wide opening threshhold, and at low population times, it can mean it does almost nothing for helping you pair with a good match. If there’s only a handful of choices for your queue at that time, you won’t see a lot of variety in the quality of matching.

As of yesterday afternoon, we’re running much tighter ELO thresholds on both Chaos Rumble and on Versus Draft. Versus Draft is set to a fairly narrow starting range; Chaos Rumble is a bit more lenient.

Our goal this weekend is to see, while the populations are high, if we can improve the quality of the matches without adversely affecting the match times. I think we have lengthend them by a couple of minutes. The question is now, has it been worth it?

Our system as it stands does auto-expand ELO ranges as it searches, and will eventually throw away all requirements to “just find any match”. Because we are somewhat dependent on the platform-specific engines of matchmaking, this is different per platform.

We may make other adjustments over the weekend, but generally, we are now testing how much the addition of more players makes to the system.

I don’t have a timeline for further big revisions to the matchmaking system that I’m ready to discuss publicly. Of the major issues for players last year, I believe matchmaking is the top one that has not been addressed to our satisfaction.


Battleborn weekend of trials? Is there any worse moment for this?
So, I’ll be a let down to Gbx team this weekend, as I got terrible cold and feel like my head is a meteoroid and my joints … I hope I’ll get well enough to play this sunday at least tough :frowning:
BTW Where was this posted originally?

The thread JoeKGBX posted about the most recent update in the news section. Here is Jythris original post :