Battleborn D&D Homebrew!

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We’ll be playing a homebrewed Battleborn-universe PnP. I figured some folks would like to know about it, so here’s the post starting the thread where i will post things!

Our games will be on Thursdays, starting at 7pm central time (one week from now!). I’ll be streaming it, if you can’t make it, look for text updates of our adventures in this thread!

GM and homebrewer: Kitru
Vespillo the Kemessian, played by NatsumeRyu
Priscilla the Jennerit, played by ChibiLovett
Charonte the Helician, played by AC-415
[blank] the [blank], played by Twilit


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How exactly would this work? Would you be using the game itself or something like discord where it would be a “real-time” PnP session? I’m guessing that if it’s the later, the players would type in what their character was doing.

No matter how you guys proceed, I wish you all luck. I love the characters in BB and seeing them live on outside of the game is great. :slight_smile:

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Well do voice over discord.

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We’re starting to work out our characters!
I have a good enough grasp of mine ive started scribbling


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This looks cool! I wish you folks luck and I’ll try and remember to tune in on Friday (:australia:). :eyes:

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Our first game is tomorrow night! Kit has provided us with a synopsis of “The Story So Far…” So I’ll do a quick stream/video going over that tonight about 2000-2030 CST (about an hour after the stream will start tomorrow). Much hype! Such excite!

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"On 19958.350 CR, the Heliophage was destroyed and Rendain was banished to Varelsi space, triggering a short period of peace and cooperation among the various factions, thanks in large part to the leadership and reputation of the Battleborn.

Only a few months later, during an expedition on the part of the Battleborn to explore strange happenings in the Heart of Ekkunar, Rendain was returned to our universe by the Varelsi. Weakened by aggressive Thrall explorers, Varelsi invaders, and an ancient Aztanti guardian, the Battleborn were unable to defeat Rendain before he escaped the planet.

Sent back to the universe in order to make good on his agreement to steal Solus for the Varelsi in exchange for the continued existence of the Jennerit Imperium, Rendain initially attempted to wrest control of the Empire back from Deande. Many Jennerit, upset with the reforms that Deande was implementing and the lack of solid evidence of the continued existence of their Empress, rejoined Rendain, triggering a schism within the Jennerit Empire.

Thanks to Deande and the Battleborn’s work reuniting the various factions, Rendain’s loyalists were unable to take control of the Solus System as they hoped, even with the help of the Varelsi, and had to flee to exile in Darkspace.

It has been three months since the Jennerit Schism and the exile of the rebels. Each day, the united factions expected Rendain to launch a new attack and each day has only created more questions. Deande’s spies have been unable to determine where Rendain has been but the Rogues have discovered that there’s a lot going on in Darkspace.

The new Pact has decreed that Solus itself is a neutral territory and that any aggressive act on the part of any faction will be met with overwhelming force by the other four in order to ensure that as strong a front remains in order to defend against the inevitable assault by Rendain and the Varelsi. However, it is no longer merely the Rogues that seek out the resources and riches that were once thought to be lost to Darkspace and all of them consider it a race against not only each other but against Rendain and the Varelsi for the future of their universe.

The Rogues, initially reluctant to share the wealth of Darkspace that once only they were able and willing to venture into, now sell their services to all of the remaining factions as the most expert explorers and navigators in Solus. Rumors still emerge, but are quickly quashed, that some even sell their services and spoils to Rendain as he wanders through Darkspace.

The Eldrid seek to reclaim from Darkspace what was once thought lost. The Seeds of the Codex and other lost Eldrid treasures are lying there for the taking, and, many planets still harbor strange and modified life, in the centuries and millennia that they have not been watched. In addition, thanks to the influence of Mellka and the Eldrid Battleborn, the Eldrid Council has shifted in their historic position: they will not simply sit by as the universe is destroyed by unnatural forces like the Jennerit and the Varelsi; the Eldrid are now commited wholeheartedly to the fight to survive.

The Jennerit Empire, under Deande, is but a shadow of its former self. The initial flight of discontented Jennerit upon the defeat of Rendain and the further losses caused by his later return have cost Deande and her government dearly, though they still hold on to the Exodus, the Sustainment Engine, and Tempest itself. Deande and the other Jennerit Battleborn have taken control and now seek to right the wrongs that their Empire once did. The Jennerit caste system has been abolished, slaves have been freed, and a new creed has been given: “Live Together or Die Alone”. There are still mutterings of discontent from those who grew rich from the old social order that chose to remain loyal to the Empress, but those who the Jennerit Empire once ground into the dirt in order to build their great edifices finally have a chance at a bright future within the Empire, though age old prejudices and economic inequality still cause problems. All of the races of the Jennerit Empire see Darkspace as a chance to gain great honor in service to the Empire, as well as a chance to make up for all of the harm that they caused.

Little has changed for the LLC. The success on the part of the Battleborn in saving Solus has shifted their desire for profit from the immediate short-term to slightly more long-term. The discovery of lost wealth and technology in Darkspace has caused a similar shift: rather than trying to own as much of Solus as they can, they are now focused on owning as much of Darkspace as well. Some of the merchant guilds have funded their own excursions while others are happy enough being paid to equip those they deem to be too risky to be profitable. All in all, it’s still largely business as usual. Strangely, the Magna Carta still remains silent, with many AI and interested parties trying to seek it out, whether it fled to Darkspace or remains within the Arcfleet.

For the UPR, the lack of resources and, more importantly, living space quickly overshadowed any short-term satisfaction derived from the defeat of Rendain. Unable to militarily colonize any of the planets or moons remaining within the Solus System, the UPR now seek to ameliorate the problem of limited living space, a growing population, and finite resources for defense and expansion in Darkspace. The UPR was able to extract the technology that the Jennerit used to migrate Tempest to the Solus System and are now building their own planet mover, with Darkspace exploration teams being sent out to find additional resources for the mover and suitable planets to bring to Solus once it is completed.

The Age of Darkspace Exploration has officially begun."

The Story So Far…

“Jennerit operators have intercepted poorly-coded transmissions from a group of renegade thrall that found a derelict ship out in deep space. They are currently working to get it into some semblance of working order to bring it to their base in the Detritus Ring. You have been chosen by your superiors to mount an expedition to take out the thrall and, if possible, bring back the derelict or any valuable cargo.”


Our first game was scheduled to be tomorrow but I’m afraid we are in need of a fourth player! You’ll need Discord since we use that for voice, and to be free during the timeframe. If you’re interested let myself or Kitru know! Got our fourth! Games begin next thursday! I’ll update the character roster once they’ve settled!