Battleborn D&D Homebrew!

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Tonight’s game went wonderfully! We had quite a bit of chat interaction on twitch near the end, and A LOT of 1’s and 20’s!

The VOD is up on twitch, and a reminder that one slot is open for Kit’s second BB campaign - if youre interested let me or him know! Here’s the discord (link is for 24hrs from post):

That Tuesday game is scheduled to start this upcoming Tuesday (2/26), so expect a stream then, in addition to the current Thursday game!

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We won’t have a stream tomorrow, since it’s the first game for this group and therefore their tutorial game. I’m still trying to figure out if I should have a seperate thread since it will be a completely seperate adventure with seperate people and I’ll be providing synopses for both games and I don’t want folks to get them confused. But it’s the same rules and will be in the same universe (I have been told sometimes Kit’s games affect each others’ adventures). I can make a second thread if it gets too confusing. :slight_smile:

Game 2, Eldrid Game Players:
Dr. Scimitar “Crackers”, the Aventail (a Macaw Aviant) played by Benedict_87
Zulkas, the animated Aztanti Golem played by Dave
Takeshi “Moonflower” Tolguacha, the Aelfrin played by Dr. Infinity
Rankine the Pangol (Pangolin inspired species) played by NatsumeRyu

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I wish I had streamed tonight, we had a blast practicing in war games with the LLC.

Various fun snippets:
Takeshi drugged Crackers…twice.
Rankine snuck in a base by posing as a saleperson and later demanded to speak with a manager to try and keep them from discovering Crackers hacking attempts.
Zulkas performed the ultimate ding-dong-ditch distraction by hitting a wall so hard he knocked a hole in it, and then led the LLC retaliators on a crazy run through the woods.

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I’m afraid we had two players have to drop for irl reasons tonight, so no game today! I’m going to hop on Battleborn, so there will still be a stream :slight_smile:

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Tuesday game in 10 minutes! Join us! (I’ll edit this with synopsis afterwards, I think that might work best for future posts to keep the posts numbers down)

3/5 Tuesday Eldrid Game 1, post training exercises!

We take our team’s ship, lovingly dubbed “Uyidim,” out into darkspace. The coordinates lead us to…A building? With a perfectly in tact landing pad for our corvette? As we exit our ship we’re greeted with a host of old minions itching for a fight, thinking we’re some kind of enemies - we dispatch with them only to be greeted by an AI that welcomes us into this…Museum of Natural History. The AI uses a striker bot to give us a brief tour of the museum, also taking us to the food court. This building is a strange place - Crackers notices that as we’ve been walking the rooms in the facility have been shifting. He asks the AI about this, to which the AI, named 5H4UN (Shaun?), replies that he wants to take us directly to the rooms we’re interested in and not through any rooms we’ve already visited. Crackers mentions his interest in the Aviant exhibit…
Our team is led into a room filled with minions, and plenty of machines to process new exhibits, the exit closing behind us. 5H4WN refuses to let us leave.
Our team handily deals with the onslaught of bots only to have the struggle of escaping looming before them, else 534N continues to send bots until we are overwhelmed and a part of the museum. Stuck in a building with moving rooms and an AI in control of many various defensive functions of the facility, we force open, break through, and hack our way along multiple corridors finally breathing the sweet air of freedom outside, with our poor ship locked down and 5H4UN’s voice still echoing around us…

(Terrible grammar I know, but I’m behind on these synopses and I’m faster at them if I do them straight after game!)


Just curious, did you deliberately spell Shaun’s name three different ways?

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Most deliberately!

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Our fourth Thursday Jennerit game is in ~3 hours! Join us! I don’t think we have any idea what our next mission bit is!

3/7 Jennerit Thursday Game 4:
Having just left the lab, fairly beaten down, chasing down what appear to be escaping thrall, our Jennerit team rushes outside only to have the Thrall turn on them and unleash hailfire. So. Many. Bullets. Before we can do much, it feels like we’ve all thoroughly taken a beating, but we still fight back - if we can keep these thrall from running away, maybe we can find out what they were here for?

There’s an enforcer among their ranks which we immediately try to gang up on, Vespillo dispatching a number of smaller thralls along the way. As soon as we feel like we’re getting the upper hand on the Enforcer, however, he takes off, his fellows covering for him. They continue to rain shots down on our clustered crew, and we begin to fall, struggling to keep each other up long enough to whittle them down, as they mock us in our weakened state. Even so, we managed to survive the encounter and hurry to our cruiser to try and catch the escaped thrall.

Having been stuck struggling with the lackeys we had a lot of ground to cover, and got off to a rough start, crashing our ship shortly after take off. Thankfully we had called in some backup beforehand and hopped on one of their cruisers to continue pursuit. The chase brought us up through the wind and clouds covering tempest to the highest echelon cities, where we struggled to navigate the towers looming overhead. In a last ditch effort we tried to mimick one of their signals to send them the wrong way so we could catch up, which worked…until we clipped their ship and both of us went crashing down. Now we’ll never find out from their own mouths what they were there for, and why they were doing it…Our crew barely survived this mission…How will they come out the other side?

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Apologies for the late post! I just got home for the first time since basically last game. Tonights game was cancelled, I’m sorry I couldn’t forewarn you guys. :frowning: We are currently still on for this Thursday, but it may become a character building day since we all still have to finish our level ups and I think Kit wants to talk with everyone about where they want to take the characters. At the very least I hope to do some drawing (I think Kutcha may be next in line for a token) so I can stream that if everyone likes. :slight_smile:

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We’re doing our character upgrades atm. If we get done early enough so I can draw I’ll stream, otherwise, I’ll see everyone next Tuesday!

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Our Eldrid crew return tonight! Will they become stuffed exhibits in the museum? Or stuck entertaining 5H4WN to extend their lives? Tune in to find out!

3/19 Tuesday Game 2:
How terrible! We fight off more of 534N’s bots and are forced back inside to find 5H4UN’s core to shut him down, and free our ship so we can leave…You’ll have to watch to see what exhibits we passed through…and destroyed on our way to the core. Zulkas high fived 5H4WN at one point! Unacceptable!
We did manage to shut him down…eventually. We return home with information on the beacon, and warn them to NEVER FOLLOW ANY BEACON WITH THAT SIGNAL, EVER AGAIN. 534N sucks.