Battleborn: [D] Tier Attikus


One of the hardest things to do when reviewing a character and selecting a tier is to not have any bias, no matter how badly things are going for them. I try to collect all the facts and potential of a character before giving them a tier. Attikus, is a character that has things going bad for him. I know some people believe he can be a great character, but that’s because they are judging him by his incredible damage - which is the only thing he has going for him. If you can land a pounce and hit someone towards a wall, then yes, expect to see some good damage - but to actually confirm the kill when they run off is nearly impossible. I can’t tell if its his poor design or the fact that he is not suitable for the incursion map. I tried playing him multiple ways, ganker, brawler, disruptor, and even “base harasser”. None of them seem to work out since he has his own inconsistent mixture of style which makes him unique but in the end not very effective. One of the frustrating things about this brawler is that he is very reliant on teammates to get any work done. If you stick Attikus in the middle of the incursion map to kill minions, expect damage, heavy damage - this is a problem like any other large scaled characters because of how easy of a target they are, it just happens worse for large characters who are squishy. This is when he becomes reliant of a support character to help him get charges and clear enemy waves.

I believe if you want to see Attikus best utilized, you have to do it with a premade team. One that can coordinate and control the battlefield allowing Attikus to pop into battle and mess everything up. The thing is you cant just select attikus for a random game and expect a team to know when to attack when Attikus pounce initiation. Anyway, This is the way gearbox designed him to be, a disruptor but you can’t really rely on it unless you have a team that is on the same page as Attikus. I would really like to see some team plays with Attikus involved but I know we wont see that until the game is release. I’ll keep him at D Tier until further notice. I’ll progressively add stuff into this as I play more of attikus.

Here’s an amazing reason by GunRabies the flaws of Attikus: Problems with Attikus

I manage to get him to high enough level where he is decent but the other team overwhelmed us. Attikus can’t really keep up with the other characters because of how slow he is, its often people forget that the enemy team is progressing too.

Dealing with experience mobile characters is Attikus weakness. He cannot catch them nor hold them down. This was a really tough match up. Its pretty common for players to select long range mobile characters in battleborn.

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More character plays and analyzing.

If that is your best score you must be doing something fundamentally wrong. Its actually quite easy to use him. You go in Use Arc, Punch a few times, Enemy flees or dies. If he fless you follow with jumpand either knock him against a wall or block his way with your body. Always use Arc before you punch, except you can kill without. Arc stays on the opponent and damages him overtime, it is your most important skill ise it as often as possible. Dont be afraid to use Jump as an evac pod. Late game you will use it more often to pin down targets. Your ultimate is for managing multipile enemies or staying alive once your health is down and your jump not ready yet. Your ult without stack is pretty useless, dont use it without. The other attacks are still useful without stacks. Think of the stack more as a bonus, but not as something you always need to have. With Arc switched on you will win all 1-1 melee battles besides Full health/shield Galilea. Keep moving, flank your enemies. If you get someone from behind hes pretty much dead. Circling minions and turrets is standard for melees, so is it for Attikus. He is slow, and his speed takes a some time to get used to. If you know you cannot reach an opponent, than dont try. Enter Battles only with jump when you have allies who are already targeting the enemy you wish to jump at, or you can stun him. If you punch enemies, try pinning them against a wall so they cannot simply run away. The L2 attack is not something you want to use often. Only use it when you sneak up on someone. Attikus is very squishy for his size. Keep an eye on your health bar. But dont forget that he has amazing health regen. Punch a few things with arc you will most likey have regenerated quite a chunk of health.
Thats pretty much it, stay mobile. i hope this will improve your ways with Attikus.

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I feel like they either need to reduce his cooldowns a bit or give him some of the later helix choices earlier; if we could get the chain arc buff sooner he’d make more sense and could keep harassing. Totally agree with OP that he needs a decent team to do anything because he takes too much damage in the early game. It seems like the late game suddenly he shines as I would put so much damage out with shock and the ground blasts they would have to retreat if they didn’t die outright.

You need to take some good helix choice, improve his punch speed and his running speed

Much like lucaandrejgeyer, I have to disagree with your assessment of Attikus. First of, what you stated is your opinion, without bias, and it goes without saying that you are entitled to your opinions. I just want to voice my opinions on the matter. I have used Attikus for a total of 5 games. That is a small sample size to judge from, but I feel that I have gained a good understanding of the character so far.

Attikus does indeed have insane damage, but he also has an amazing escape move in pounce. This allows him to get out of dodge quite easily, so his feeble hp is rarely a problem for me. You can’t just play Attikus like he is Galilea. By this, I mean that you can’t just run into a group of people like Rambo and take them out without any tactical sense. You wouldn’t do the same with Phoebe. Nor would you with Deande. That is how you play Attikus.

I have played him with healers on my team and without healers on my team. My worst game with him? 4-1. My best so far? 19-0. And you should note that I don’t play with organized teams. I play with my brother and whatever randoms end up on our team. And I don’t use voice chat, so I can only communicate with my brother who is in the same room as me.

To prove a point, I just played a match with Attikus to get a picture. It was an Incursion match that lasted less than 10 minutes (ignore the fact that it shows 100-50, that is just a bug. We destroyed both sentries), and like all my other matches, it was with randoms and my brother.

(My brother was Phoebe, his favorite character, that match. And note that Miko rarely healed me. All of his heals were when there were no enemies around, and even then, he only did it like 3 or 4 times. And if you can’t read the numbers, I went 9-1 with a score of 21 in 9.5 minutes)

And here are my stats with Attikus:

(If you cant read it, it is 4 wins to 1 loss and 65 player kills to 11 deaths, with a largest killing spree of 19)

This is by no means me bragging. I am not the best player in the world. But Attikus was easy mode for me.

My 2 cents.

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Thank you so much for this and I really value the full input on Attikus you shared. I get a lot of mixed opinions about Attikus and all it makes me do is question my attikus tier placement , then i end up getting on battleborn to play him. (doing it now actually). Once again, Thank you Roti.

I’m with yout original opinion. He just gets shredded early game by being so big and so slow. He really needs a speed buff at the least.

If anyone feels different about my opinon, message me a compelling review of Attikus and i’ll stick it in the tier list as well as here. It will be 2nd opinion

I don’t know how Roti accomplished that unless he is misleading about the amount of team work that was involved. There is no way without a lot of extra support from the team for Attikus to do really well, as evident by the amount of times I see him getting chosen (zero - only I have chosen him throughout every PVP match I’ve played so far). I’d love to see a video of somebody accomplishing a lot with Attikus without constant support from a healer / shielder.

In one match I did go 9 kills 2 deaths but I had Reyna overshielding me and Ambra dropping orbs, also using sprint speed boosting gear and damage reduction so I could escape. It’s not that he doesn’t have good abilities, he hurts a lot but he can’t withstand much direct damage and even if you leap to escape a lot of the shooter characters can still hit his giant hitbox. Also good luck leaping away as he often gets caught on the environment or on minions; this happens to all characters but with big guys it is far worse, some midget robot steps in front of your right shin and you can’t move now. lol

I can see where you’re coming from, as I could easily be lying. I just recored two gameplays from my PS4 to showcase what I am talking about. I play quite terribly in both gameplays in my opinion, did not play the objective well enough, and numerous other mistakes., but still managed to go 13-2 ( and 9-1 ( Again, I was not working with a team (I didn’t even have my brother with me for the second game). This video doesn’t mean much, but it’s just so you know that I did do it without support like constant healing/shielding.

I will also add that I must agree with fyrefox45, Attikus does get shredded up a lot early game because he lacks any of the health regen that he can gain from his helix or from gear, he is huge, he is slow, and lacks really high health for his size. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing his movement speed increased. Otherwise, he is fine to me.

EDIT: I just saw this post detailing the problems with Attikus, and I actually have to agree with a lot of the problems mentioned. A lot of them are even seen in the videos that I posted. My point though isn’t that Attikus is amazing, but that if used effectively, he can hold his own just fine. But as I read more posts on the forum, it’s really starting to feel like that is just me. Maybe I just don’t see it the same way as others do, so my apologies if I am wrong and Attikus truly is underpowerd. He just feels really strong for me. But that’s just my opinion. o.O

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Roti you are not alone. At least in Meltdown Attikus is a beast. Cant say much about incursion, I generally dont play it often. Though in Meltdown he can carry teams on his own. I know what im talking about, i played him an awful lot.

I’ve been using Attikus since i’ve unlocked him and i can see where you’re coming from, but being able to coordinate with another player (the more people the better he becomes) makes him much better. coupling him with someone like Galilea or miko turns him into an unstoppable wall of health and damage. I think that he needs some changes with his melee speed/range, but other than that he’s not too bad. Also just to throw this in there, play “jump around” while using his ultimate at full power.

Hey guys, if you haven’t seen it, I put a new link in this post, the thread is by Gun Rabies, he is an attikus player with some pretty awesome insight on why Attikus has flaws. Go check out his post!

I appreciate the response and providing the footage for it; I could force it to work sometimes but would end up really frustrated most games. I also feel like movement speed is the biggest issue - he does enough damage and can survive decently. The biggest issue is if someone stuns you or Shayne drags you there is very little chance of you getting away and that seems a bit cheap to me for a tank character. Almost every match Galilea would stun me, they’d get me to about half health then I’d leap away, but Marquis or Orendi would be popping me the whole way and usually there would be a Montana or Oscar Mike that finished me off right before I could get around a corner.

Yeah, I think a little speed boost and a more accurate marker (one that more accounts for his size) for pounce would work wonders for Attikus. On another note, is the charged hook any good? I’d try to pop one off if I could sneak around someone, is it worth it?

I can’t really agree with Attikus being in D tier since he has a lot going for him. He has a great initiation and escape with his leap. Good sustain with his life steal and deals really good damage on single targets. His ult with the knock up is amazing in team fights and is only really beaten by El Dragons ability to CC the whole team. I agree he has a pretty rough start but if you don’t over extend and only use your leap to escape or secure kills you shouldn’t really have an issue.

Perhaps he has a bit of a learning curve since he doesn’t really function like the other tanks. His running melee is little bit of a gap closer to help you catch people but i see where people are having an issue securing kills with him since he is very slow.

I would say C at the least since he vastly out damages Whiskey and has a good amount of CC as well, not to mention his huge health pool. My only complaint would be the clipping everyone is mentioning with his leap since it’s his only real escape and initiation besides just running up and ulting for the free knock ups.


When the real game comes out, i’ll make sure to play Attikus. Maybe it is a learning curve even though Gearbox labeled him as easy who knows.

I feel like difficulty is misleading. If all “easy” characters were easy, why are there 3 “advanced” characters in the starting lineup. I have a feeling it just means they are straightforward to play, not actually easy.

I think with his 30% life steal on pounce mutation and his only lose 1 charge mutation he would probably be much more playable than he is out of the box. All my comments towards him being terrible excluded those because he really isnt fun or effective to play without them so I never discovered them. He would certainly still be flawed… just not worst character in the game flawed.

Galilea, sigh, the bane of my existence. Nearly half of my deaths with Attikus came from Galilea. She is the kryptonite to Attikus’s Kal El. I believe in the first video I posted going 13-2, both deaths were from Galilea. And in the second video, my only death was due to Galilea stunning me so that her teammates could finish me off. So yes, Galilea destroys Attikus.

Shayne and Aurox, I didn’t have as much of a problem with. Hitting characters that move around a lot like Deande and Caldarius was tough though.

And yea, regular movement speed and movement speed while attacking are the things I would love to see buffed the most for Attikus