Battleborn: [D] TIER Whiskey Foxtrot

This is written by Dr_H0H0 and tier selected by ssfjustin, for the full tier list BETA Battleborn Tier List (FINAL)

Whiskey Foxtrot Overview By Dr_H0H0
Whiskey at the moment is a character who under performs at his role (due to his damage being to low)
so i would say he is overall a better Skirmisher although not a very good one. His scrap cannon can feel
a little clunky at first but when proper utilized can be a very good tool for him to have.
His ult is very good at shredding through the larger characters as the recoil can be pretty bad
but it’s really his only tool for 1v1 assassinations. His wave clear is minimal at best until he gets the x3
sticky bomb (which can be further enhanced with a mutation). Whiskey is they only character i felt could
really use either a boost to his kit or just an overall damage buff since every other character (with his role)
can fufill it better. Overall he isn’t really bad per say just a little lackluster.

-Sustained damage skirmisher.

-Decent wave clear.
-High single target damage ult.
-good range on his rifle.
-Decent disruption with his scrap cannon.

-Does not do enough damage to fulfill his role.
-Ult has a terrible startup time.
-Scrap cannon is next to useless without the 3 charges on his helix.
-does not excel at anything in particular.
-Relys on crits with his rifle to pump out enough damage to compete with other characters.

Good Match-ups
Kleese, Montana, Benedict, Miko, Attikus, Reyna and Toby.

Bad Match-ups
Caldarius, ISIC, Thorn, Phoebe, El Dragon, Marquis, Deande and Melka.


I really hope GBX read these posts and do something with him. Everyone seems to agree that he falls short of the mark across both his base damage and skills :angry:

Why pick Whiskey when you can pick Oscar :slight_smile:


I really love his character design and dialogue. I actually prefer the burst fire rifle over OM’s auto rifle and the need to focus on getting crits. I love chucking a sticky bomb on an enemy player and watch them as try to fall back with low health only to have it drain their health and shields and then blow them up, because once it’s stuck they can’t do anything about it! He has awesome potential but his ult and scrap cannon are terrible, and overall damage is just too low.


I agree on WF needing something done to help out, I like his skills, they just seem to not do too much… compared to oscar mike’s grenade the sticky bomb almost seems laughable, and his primary dps in nonexistant. His ult helps a little bit, but still fails to aide in any situation that doesn’t include you not being the enemy’s primary focus.


I had a bit of a typo there could you please edit it and change the “with” to without?

No problem friend, done and done. can have the link to your profile?

I think he needs better recoil and less animation time on his scrap gun.

With that said, I find that using quick cast helps the scrap cannon feel a LOT better.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean but if you want to link my profile to the post go ahead I don’t mind.

Just a way for people to contact you easily (if you want) and if there’s any changes you would like me to do don’t hesitate to ask.

He needs help. Really bad for an assassin class.

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How do you turn quick cast on?

Can you turn it on for just one move on a character or is it quick cast on everything?

I finally unlocked phoebe and took her for a spin, the base damage of her basic attack ranged between 60 and 110 per hit. I have to score crits with whisky to hit those numbers, not counting the stupidly high reload time vs not having to reload at all. I’m just… blown away… how did they stuff him up so bad? It wouldn’t even be so bad if the crit points in this game weren’t so small (have you seen those thrall heads hiding behind those big ass ****ing shields?!). I understand they play differently, ranged vs melee, but that’s an unreal difference. This is also comparing a level 5 phoebe to a level 10 whisky, who even buffed up several HUNDRED points more in both shields and health with a single helix and item upgrade than whisky can reach at level 10.

I’ve been playing with Whiskey a lot now and definitely is beginning to become my favorite character. It’s not that he’s weak it’s just the weapon he has, which is a burst weapon. If you’ve played any COD’s usually the fast fire rate weapons happen to have low damage otherwise, it would be consider OP. As fore his sticky grenade, its great! Especially with the Napalm. When you stick them and they’re losing health they’ll no doubt move to one of their team mates for backup, but when they do “BOOM” AOE from the grenade + napalm effect. He needs a little bit of a buff, but not to much.

He might have a fast fire rate weapon, but once you factor in the reload time his overall dps falls stupidly far behind the likes of Phoebe. Definitely agree that his sticky bomb is awesome when you actually get it to stick to someone, it’s just a pain to get the aiming right with having to fire from behind your own team mates, bots on both sides, and enemy characters running and jumping around. I played a game with Isic on my team earlier today who kept jumping in front of me. Between his size and constantly using Rotating Wards, 2/3 grenades I tried to throw bounced straight back off his wards and ended up nowhere. Whisky filling his intended role requires hitting the crits which is next to impossible when you can hardly hit anything at all when you’ve got team mates in front of the enemy. Scrap cannon does **** all and I’m not happy with it’s design in the slightest. It should push enemies away as a base trait instead of having to spend a helix upgrade to make it potentially functional. I’ve tried flanking the enemies on the front line which seems to land more clear shots, but it doesn’t take long for a Rath or Galilea to come chase me off and without the damage output to hold a position I have to either make a run for it or die - and Whisky has very little in the way of escaping skills/methods


The level 7 Helix for him allows a duel mag, which gives you lightening quick reloads, which really makes up for it imo. Well Whiskey’s intended role is to be an Assassin so you’d usually want to be lone wolfing but if in doubt find team mates for backup lol. With the right helix’s scrap cannon can be useful, I tend to use it to increase my weapons damage once they’re hit by it + with the mutagen which gives you health recovery on each kill whether it’s players or minions?! He can have a lot of survivability But these are all of his Skill’s alone, with the right gear it can change the gameplay a lot. If you’d like I can give you the build that I use, and you can try it out?

The level 7 helix only increases every OTHER reload speed by 60%. The other helix option for firing in a 4 shot burst provides much more dependable dps imo.

Lone wolfing? With Whisky? That’s straight up suicide with his damage output and skillset. GBX have completely ****ed up labelling this guy an assassin class. He doesn’t have burst damage AT ALL, no skills that aid in escape unless you spend the level 1 helix point on your scrap cannon pushing enemies away (which means missing out on the mutation skill that does 50% bonus damage to shields), and no bonuses to mobility in any way Getting the helix that gives you +15% damage for 4 seconds sounds good, but that means that you’re using it offensively and continuing to attack your target. Choosing the extra two charges instead is the only defensive tool he even has as you can push enemies away to give you time to retreat. Whisky just doesn’t have the damage output or health/shields to play offensively. I do like his +220 health regen per kill helix mutation, but again… without the damage output, getting those kills is a pain. Especially when you have team members and your own bots attacking the same target and getting the last hit in.

I don’t mean any offense to you, I’m just salty AF about the way GBX went about making this character. If you’re happy to share your build I’d appreciate it. My usual build looks like this:

Level 1: FLAK OFF Scrap Cannon now pushes back enemies
Level 2: SCRAP BANK Enables Scrap Cannon to store 2 additional charges that can be fired without cooldown. +2 Scrap Charges
Level 3: RED DOT SIGHT Fits the Tactical Rifle with a Red Dot Sight, removes movement speed penalty while zoomed, and increases zoomed fire rate. +30% Scoped Movespeed
Level 4: STICK ‘N’ SAP When stuck to an enemy, Sticky Bomb grenades drain shields and health. Up to +216 Damage over 3 Seconds, +50% Damage to Shields
Level 5: KILLER REGEN Gain health regeneration for a short time after each kill. +220 Health Regeneration over 10 seconds
Level 6: NAPALM Sticky Bomb grenades burn the ground where they detonate. Up to 520 damage over 6 seconds
Level 7: WHEN THREE JUST ISN’T ENOUGH The Tactical Rifle fires in four-shot bursts.
Level 8: SPREAD SHOT Increases the spread and density of Scrap Cannon shots. +30% Flak
Level 9: SWIFT STICKIES Reduces Sticky Bomb cooldown time. -25% Cooldown Time
Level 10: WHAT SHIELDS? Overdrive bullets bypass enemy shields entirely. +100% Shield Penetration

For items I normally use
9.16% attack damage with secondary +196 max health after surviving for 180 seconds
+265 max health with secondary +199 max health while shields are depleted
9.05% attack speed with secondary 5.17% attack speed for 5 seconds after landing a critical hit

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Ah yes I just read it now, my bad. Yep, every other reload by 60%.

Well Assassin is made to be solo play, so I agree that it’s GBX’s fault for not doing it properly. I did some investigating and it would seem that the weapon does 33 DMG per shoot (might vary), being a 3 burst weapon that would make it 99 DMG (132 DMG if 4 shots) per burst which is actually pretty good compared to Phoebe’s 66 DMG per hit? That is if all shots hit. Yeah his skills are a little mixed up when you put it that way, you chose one perk and you completely negate being able to make the best of his Scrap Cannon. He may not have the best shields/health but that is what gear is for and maybe a team mate who plays Ambra ,Miko or Reyna. I usually rock Higher Crit Damage gear with improved Shields and Health stuff just so I’m not lacking with those.

Haha I completely understand man, he does have his ups and downs but it would seem to mostly be downs… that’s something too be salty about. Let’s hope Gearbox does do some changes to this awesome character who I think actually has quite a bit of cool lore behind him! (Being a clone of Mike, gone wrong)

I might try yours out aswell, looks pretty good!

Level 1: SHIELD SCRAPPER (additional damage to shields), (I did use Weighed Down before)
Level 2: SWISS CHEESE (Enemies hit by SCRAP CANNON are marked and take increase damage +15 DMG for 4 secs)
Level 3: RED DOT SIGHT (Removes speed penalty while zoomed and increases zoomed fire rate)
Level 4: STICK ‘N’ SAP (sticky bomb grenades drain shields and health: Up to +216 DMG over 3 secs, +50%bonus damage to shields
Level 5: KILLER REGEN (Kills regen health for a short time, +220 health regen over 10 secs)
Level 6: NAPALM (Sticky bomb grenades burn the ground where they detonate)
Level 7: DUCT TAPED MAGS (Rifle now has 2 taps causing every other reload to be faster than normal, +60% reload speed)
Level 8: LONG DISTANCE SHOT ( Increases Scrap Cannon range and tightens the spread, +30% Range)
Level 9: SWIFT STICKIES (Reduces cooldown time of sticky grenades, -25% Cooldown time)
Level 10: OVEROOVERDRIVE (Increases Overdrive magzine size to 100 rounds, +25 clip size)

Currently I use:
. +7.47% ATK, +4.27% DMG for 5 secs after landing a CRT
. +37.56 shield recharge per sec, -3.76% cooldown time
. +9.25% CRT DMG, +6.17 CRT DMG for 5 secs after landing a CRT

Yeah, if all the shots hit. That’s the downside. Melee characters generally have a much higher chance of hitting their target too. I get through PvE with an accuracy average of 70+%, yet struggle to get above 40% in PvP. That says a lot about my skill level, but it’s still part of the character design flaw. The range he is best designed to work at (in my opinion) is mid-range. Support fire behind the front line melee and scrappers. But then they also designed him to only be dps viable by hitting crits. And then they made the enemy’s crit points miniscule. Miko is well known for having a large crit point and not the best survivability but players still just spam the jump button and run left to right. I’m not criticising the tactics, but when only 1 or 2 of those 4 shots hit then it’s just not competitive damage. Phoebe does 63 base with 180-240 crit. Whisky does 33 base and 93 crit. Doesn’t scale right. In saying that, whisky’s melee attack knife stab is quite potent. Same crit range as phoebe, 180-240.

I think he’s a fantastic character and I continue to do my best with him but there are some serious issues with his skills and intended playstyle just not meshing together

Quick Cast is in the menus, I think the controller menu, but I’m not sure without looking at it. And it’s for all abilities.

Though, if you’re from Heroes of the Storm, it works more like Quick Cast on Release. You can hold the button down to “aim” it and release to fire (where a press is just a rapid hold/release)
… instead of activating, aiming, firing.