Battleborn: [D] TIER Whiskey Foxtrot

Just want to say it’s wise not to compare the damage output of a ranged character to a melee. Phoebe is designed to have one of the most punishing DPSes of any character if she can get close enough, but her sprint speed isn’t really on point for the job. Poking her at range and being away of where she is and her teleport range really makes it difficult for her to be close enough to do that DPS.

However, comparing the damage output of Whiskey’s rifle to Oscar’s, you can see that Oscar’s is miles ahead for such an easy to use rifle by comparison.

Phoebe has a very high stab rate and Whiskey’s 99 damage burst is offset by the delay between shots, Phoebe’s DPS pulls ahead quickly and OM’s constant shots also do thanks to his passive. Whiskey is also punished heavily with that delay if he misses one of his bursts, as is the nature of a burst rifle.

I just watched stealthshampoo’s Let’s Play Whisky Foxtrot on youtube (I’m guessing it was from the CTT). Basic rifle attack was 59 damage per pellet and 170 crit. That sounds like it’s where it should be. WTF did they nerf him for?

I get that, I do… it’s still taking skillsets into account though. She has the damage output with decent skills. WF is missing the damage output and has poorly designed skills. I feel like every other character had a decent amount of thought put into them and they made WF with the leftover ideas from OM thrown together just to make up the numbers.

I think the trouble with Whiskey is his character. He is a defective clone of Oscar Mike, so he WAS intended to play exactly like him, including skills, weapons and such.

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What if Oscar is the clone?

Yeah, I get all of that. It’s fine for him to be a defective clone in terms of lore but as it is, he’s a defective character in terms of low dps and crappy skills.

Is the beta over now? I try logging it by keeps failing… :frowning:

its over

Yep… I think it finished sometime during the night/early morning for us aussies :sweat:

Damn, have the next two days off work so I was getting keen for some Battleborn marathon :frowning: Curious, I’m guessing our level’s will be reset upon release? Going to have to grind those levels again lol

Everything will be reset. If people can manage command rank 100 in the 10 days of open beta then leveling isn’t too hard. That said, I was playing around 5-6 hours a day everyday and still only reached command rank 23. I wasn’t focussed on leveling though and spent a lot of time trying to work out characters in private PvP

I think the first thing that should be tweaked is the refire rate and/or burst speed of his rifle. He should be able to hit decently fast and hard for what he is classed as. It’s just that rifle of his is super sluggish as compared to OM’s full auto bullet hose.