Battleborn: (D) Tier Whiskey Foxtrot

This is written by Dr_H0H0 and tier selected by ssfjustin, for the full tier list Battleborn: Tier List (Alani Tier + few new tiers)


Whiskey at the moment is a character who under performs at his role (due to his damage being to low)
so i would say he is overall a better Skirmisher although not a very good one. His scrap cannon can feel
a little clunky at first but when proper utilized can be a very good tool for him to have.
His ult is very good at shredding through the larger characters as the recoil can be pretty bad
but it’s really his only tool for 1v1 assassinations. His wave clear is minimal at best until he gets the x3
sticky bomb (which can be further enhanced with a mutation). Whiskey is they only character i felt could
really use either a boost to his kit or just an overall damage buff since every other character (with his role)
can fufill it better. Overall he isn’t really bad per say just a little lackluster.

-Sustained damage skirmisher.

-Decent wave clear.
-High single target damage ult.
-good range on his rifle.
-Decent disruption with his scrap cannon.

-Does not do enough damage to fulfill his role.
-Ult has a terrible startup time.
-Scrap cannon is next to useless without the 3 charges on his helix.
-does not excel at anything in particular.
-Relys on crits with his rifle to pump out enough damage to compete with other characters.

Good Match-ups
Kleese, Montana, Benedict, Miko, Attikus, Reyna and Toby.

Bad Match-ups
Caldarius, ISIC, Thorn, Phoebe, El Dragon, Marquis, Deande and Melka

Hmmm… Can you play Attikus right in pvp because I can easily kill people with Whiskey than I can with Attikus.

Whiskey is weak as hell, use Oscar Mike instead.

Yeah, nahhh. Whiskey’s DPS output is insane if you know how to land his skill shots. Especially so when he gets his Napalm and MIRV grenades. With his helix tree he gets plenty of damage ups and you can make his reload speed nonexistent, effectively boosting your DPS by a large margin. That plus his under-acknowledged passive (Combat Rhythm) and you’ve got some instant DPS in your hands.

I believe him being labeled as “Easy” is probably the biggest and only thing that needs to be changed about him.


If this guy gets any kind of damage buff he will be far too powerful (I went 16-2 in that match btw). I don’t even have any of his mutations unlocked right now either.

This doesn’t tell me anything friend. Play atleast 10 games and every game mode with whiskey, then come back when you have more data.

I’ve played well over 10-20 games with him (been playing in early access since early April as well as the open beta). I don’t see much hard stats in your assessment either, but I’ll be happy to collect some soon.

This is not my assessment but I did give him the tier.

That still wouldn’t really be accurate because that’s one player that can play him well. Overall, he’s weaker than Oscar Mike in every way, and I think that definitely merits a buff. I’d mainly like to see some damage increases for his default attack as well as skills, and faster charge times of the skills, at least the shrapnel cannon.

Just curious, which scope do you pick for Whiskey?

I pick the red dot sight every time. On a side note, WF’s single target DPS is FAR higher than Oscar Mike’s DPS. WAAAAAAY higher. Blows OM’s DPS straight out of the water. I have his bullets up to ~60 damage per shot with the four round burst and increased attack speed, it is almost ridiculous. If he gets a buff his mid/late game DPS will be straight broken.

I out-damage everyone on my team almost every round already. People simply do not know how to play him-- using someone elses’ words, if you’re playing him like Oscar Mike then you’re playing him wrong. He is not OM and he doesn’t have the same role.

When I get the chance, i’ll give whiskey a re-review.

Actually, Dr_h0h0 did a good job. I wont be giving him the re-review. Everything that has been said about whiskey is up top.

If you wanna buff Whiskey.

  • Make his Scrap Canon fire instantaneously instead of being on a weird half-second delay that makes it needlessly hard to land at close quarters, which is ironically where it should be strongest.
  • Overdrive should not lock out Scrap Cannon and Sticky Bomb
  • Overdrive should have no recoil; honestly there’s very little reason to use it outside of wave-clear and melting large targets like Montana and ISIC.
  • Scrap Cannon’s “Swiss Cheese” mutation (Reveal debuff + extra 15% damage from his rifle) should apply the damage amplification for all sources of damage. Maybe up the duration by a second or two as well.

Honestly there are some things up there that are just a flat out lie.
Like his ult being his only tool for 1v1 assassinations.
Or his Scrap Cannon being useless without the bonus charges.
Or him not excelling at anything in particular.

He has his Slow-on-stick, triple-sticky, damage amp on Scrap and Napalm which combined do great damage.
He can shut down melee approaches and secure kills with a well-placed sticky thanks to slow-on-stick
He’s a great pusher and harasser in general thanks to his sustain from his regen-on-kill too.

As dr_kleese is saying, he is nothing like Oscar Mike in his role. Whiskey’s forte is being loud and aggressive from mid-range while occasionally going in for heavy damage with his stickies.


Oscar Mike has 152dps, Whiskey Foxtrot has 153dps. Tiny difference, which doesn’t really make up for everything else.

(Go to the hero info tab on the bottom on the spread sheet)


yea I saw that today

hmmmm, you make some good points. I haven’t played him since the beta, so once I unlock him, I might play around with him a bit more to see how well this works for me.

Yeah I’m gonna have to do a new write up since my opinion and experience with him have changed. Really glad you guys in the EA showed me how to effectively use him or else i probably would have just labeled him as bad and asked for a buff which he doesn’t need. Look forward to a proper review in a few weeks when i have more free time to do so.

Yea I did my research before trying out Whiskey so I knew what he was about going in.

Lots of fun. The sticky launcher is great, once you have the three shot upgrade you can do pretty much whatever you want with it and have great results - nail a paper armor character with all three and then plant a few headshots to finish them off, clear an entire minion wave in a flash, the range is even good enough that you can harass snipers hanging behind their team with it. I haven’t yet unlocked the incendiary mutation, very much looking forward to it though.

Scrap launcher, oh man, the Scrap launcher. I still haven’t quite gotten the knack of using it offensively, the readying animation keeps throwing my timing off. But the knockback upgrade is mandatory, as is the push upgrade on Whiskey himself. When you have this, no melee character can stay on you longer than their CC (if they even manage to get it off), and you can get to anywhere on the map you want. This is decidedly the tool that Whiskey Foxtrot has over Oscar Mike, and it’s a darn good one.