Battleborn Day #3 Announcement!

Greetings fellow battleborn, today we, the community, are announcing the next Battleborn Community Day!
This is (as of this year) an annual event created to celebrate one of our favorite games, Battleborn, with some bonus goodies from Gearbox themselves, and we need YOU to make this event as great as it can be!

That’s right if your an entertainer of any kind we want YOUR help to make battleborn day as amazing as it can be!
We want you, awesome guys and girls, to help us out by simply doing what you enjoy and make content on the day of the event!
Below is a form, It’s not required but it helps us out if you plan to stream on the day of the event!

Want to be involved in this event, meet others who will be participating as well? Feel free to join our discord server!

Q: Is this a gearbox sponsored event?
A: Yes, gearbox will make an announcement soon as to how they will be supporting our community-driven event!

Q: I don’t stream or do youtube, can I participate?
A: Hell YES! The event is for ALL players of the game to get out there and well… play the game with friends!

Q: What will be going on during battleborn day?
A: We have ideas for potential events during the day and following weekend, and will likely post them in response, but in the end its up to you what you want to do!

Q: Is this event x platform only?
A: No, this event spans all 3 ways of play, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players are all invited to participate in Battleborn Day!

If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions feel free to respond to this forum post! (Or if you just want to hype it up, feel free :smiley:)


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excitement intensifies

Ill be on for the weekend! Gonna be showing off those nifty bl skins!


so we gonna be BB-day guides again? :thinking:

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By guide do you mean tutorials being made?
I dont think anyone has plans of making those, as there easily availible all over the place.

no i mean at the first bb-day some of us got titles that were called bb-day guides where we should help the new players at that day


Ah, well I guess well have to wait for gearbox to make their plans known for that.
I’m not aware of any plans to add titles though.

wouldn´t be needed to be added since it was already there
as you see i still have them 193d8e48782488f52e27dcc2c38dab3a


Bring back Supercharge for the day so I can get my missing titles :joy:


Or use the day to flip the switch that challenges and stats count in private games.

This is frustrating

and I should have most of my missing titles (including Angel of Death) and character lore by now, but nothing ever counts. :frowning:


We shall be boosters in arms :heart:

Wait, does the in-game time not count private matches…?


Private PvP doesn’t change any of the numbers in the stats, including the time.


I’ll be there for games


On PS4? :slight_smile:

On PC unfortunately :sweat_smile:

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Ah well :slight_smile:

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This is what my Xbox says, and in game menu

I wonder if my Xbox includes all the time the game is active amd just in menus or waiting and the in game menu is just the actual amount of time spent playing



I’m sure I can carve some time out of my birthday to play some Battleborn! Maybe I’ll finally finish that LLC compilation video I was working on (need a little bit more El Dragon footage).

It only counts the time you spend in a match, but that timer only increased in story, ops and bots battle for me. All the private games I played didn’t count and that’s been the most I’ve played for the last few months (I usually can’t switch to online status in the evening without getting one to seven invites and rather join for PvP then instead of playing something else).

If real life doesn’t get in my way again, I’ll be playing on Friday, like I always do. @RedX, hope we meet again, but be warned: I was told that I’ve improved my overall gameplay quite a bit, but I’m still miles away from top tier. Please don’t expect me to be of any use with a last pick Deande when there are three stuns, a Rath and a nuke on the other team (so many people did that to me in drafts lately and it was one of the biggest motivations for me to learn other characters :frowning:) and the quality of my follow ups really depends on many factors like connection quality, my mood, tiredness and soberness. :wink:

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