Battleborn Day 4 art contest!

Ideally you want to only use the hashtag once per submission (otherwise it will double up on the gallery), but you can totally share in both places.

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My favourite Battleborn Kid Ultra “To The Rescue” #Art4Solus 20180424_164110


Editing the tag in afterwards seems to not work for the bot to find the picture, but I don’t really want to resubmit the same picture just to get it into the gallery.


Yeah the bot doesn’t do any checks for changes. As @beya mentioned, you can submit as many times as you want, but only your last submission will be used for judging. The gallery isn’t locked either, if folks want images removed etc, it is totally within my ability to do that.


And another thing to mention: Don’t quote anyone in the post or their profile picture will be used. :smiley:


Heh, pardon the dust! :sweat_smile:

This one should be fixed now though.


Nah. I’m good.


Just pushed an update that should fix this issue. I still would recommend keeping comments and stuff in their own posts though. The bot is no ISIC, more of a Kid Ultra (I’m helping!). :wink:


I had a little write up to go along with this but… I’m gonna chicken out of that, lol. Writing is hard, especially when it’s about my gushy insides… eh… Anyway, my two favorite things in Battleborn are the Gameplay and the Characters. The dearest to me are Whiskey and Mellka - My original write up was concerning why exactly I picked Mellka over Whiskey but I’m going to leave this interaction from the Experiment here instead:

Boldur: Eh, Mellka, these… friends of yours, they, uh… are not Eldrid.

Mellka: Yeah, about that. Officially, I’m no longer an operative for the High Observatory. Got a little tired of the lack of action. I work for Ghalt now – I’m part of his crew.

Boldur: Is this Ghalt also responsible for little oak’s horrible haircut?

Mellka: Uh… no, that was a choice I made.

Boldur: Ah, because, heh, you look, eh… terrific! So pretty, little… Mellka. Pretty… hm.

(Not sure if it explains anything, but maybe this interaction stuck with some other people as it did with me :sweat_smile:)


Certainly did: Awkward Boldur is Awkward! And for some reason I always hear that line as “little ORC’s horrible haircut” - must be the crazy Boldur accent. Also, I had never noticed the different eye colours before you posted your artwork. So many small details in this game! Do we know who did the original character design?


Different pupils as well! The brown one is round while the green one is slit - I assume that’s connected to the whole Big Creepy Green Arm Thing. I had never noticed it before, pretty cool.

I’d love to know all the designers for the Battleborn characters, I’d like to give them a big and warm virtual hug for their awesome work!


Amanda mandersmash Christensen! Also designed Toby, Benedict, Kleese, Reyna, Shayne & Aurox.

Matias Tapia designed Orendi, Phoebe, Miko, Oscar Mike, Marquis, Thorn.

Herman Ng designed Attikus, ISIC, Rendain.

They’re who I know, apologies if I got some wrong.


Ooh, sounds like I owe someone a tin of kippers! Do you think Gearbox would give them to her if I mailed them to the office? :smirk:

Breaking Character…

Holy sh*t… that Mellka pic. That Mellka pic, dude. Dude, that Mellka pic.


Do we need to compress the image into the link thing for this thread? I remember we had to do that in the other fanart threads, and I can’t remember how to do that here.

It would help to use the details tag, if only for the benefit of those on mobile. When creating (or editing) your post, click on hte gear wheel icon in the tool bar of the editor window and select the details option:

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And don’t forget to include the relevant hashtag!

Attikus in Sea of Thieves

I did a crossover picture inspired by some friendly banter on twitter about SoT, and really liked the concept ;u;


As @Nema discovered on Twitter today. If you edit your submission or in the case of Twitter, repost it, the bot is not smart enough to pick up on this (it also doesn’t go back and check past submissions), so just drop me a DM and I’ll fix it. The gallery is purely for display it will not impact your entry into the art contest, it’s @beya you have to make sure knows which image is your final submission! :wink:

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We’ve unfortunately had to disqualify this artwork, as wonderful as it is, because it’s a crossover. Battleborn day, and our art contest, is about celebrating Battleborn and we hope pieces submitted would stay within the Solus universe. My sincerest apologies for this, it’s a screw up on our part for not taking this into account when listing guidelines.

If you have questions about whether your piece will qualify into the contest, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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