Battleborn Day 4 art contest!

(Goth) #42



(What has two hands and face?) #43

Miko with its knives



(IAmABananaOo) #44

My favourite thing about Battleborn?

First, Oscar Mike is my favourite character. Secondly, his goal in life is to have all the bros. Montana is his chief bro. Basically, I love the community for this game. We are all bros. And then last, but not least, is the humour. The game is hilarious and even though I have sunk hundreds of hours into it, I still hear new voice-lines all the time that make me laugh. One of my favourite will always be Mike screaming “FURY POTATOES!” as he launches a grenade. I have thus depicted his grenade as a furious potato.

Happy Battleborn day everyone. Let’s go save the last star. For Solus!


Battlebros & Fury Potatoes


(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #45

for eras, we have been one
our presence on this ship, saw no one
years have gone by
we can relieve a sigh
we are now a happy one

for we are many, yet few
friends we have formed anew
we were one long ago
with a long way to go
now we are a family of few

the tapestry is beautiful
every sensation so colourful
together we dream
together we beam
for all we have, we are grateful

We are many


It’d be quite an overstatement to call this art. And that sentence is an understatement itself. Nonetheless, decided to go through with it anyway. Since I have no talents nor skills for any form of art, this’d have to do.



Is this still on? If so I’m submitting my Ambra cosplay! Because I think her dialogue is my favourite thing about battleborn :grin:
And her, thorn and orendi are my faves to play! ! FB_IMG_1509383227581|333x500



(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #47

Hi Manda! Yes the contest is still on till May 6th, but unfortunately we only accept pieces made for this contest (that’s mentioned in the rules above).

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Fair enough! Sorry I’m on mobile, didn’t see all the rules

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(Deandes in crime ) #49

You may now assemble the squad. My creation is complete.

Just gimme an hour or two to get home.


(Deandes in crime ) #50


Okay fam. let’s kick these submissions into high gear.

Mine is a submission with two representations. First, i made a ■■■■■■■ Miko hat. And you should hear all the ■■■■ people say when i walk around with it in public. One man came up to me, he told me “I don’t know who you are, but I trust you with my life”. This is the real trans-humanism. Now i can say I’m mushroom fluid, and that I identify as a whole colony of the little ■■■■■ (even though I actually don’t, I love messing with people). I even get the mushroom discount at stores.

So why is a Miko hat representative of a Deande main’s favorite thing in BB you ask?

Well, allow me to save you from the crippling mental dissonance that this question must be afflicting. If the text isn’t evidence enough, the shroom cap is my favorite thing in this game to burst dash. It is a moment unrivaled by any other. The setup must be exact, the timing impeccable, and the conditions idyllic. A surgeon, operating on a moving target, and he may only make a single incision. When that damage wave erupts from my war fan’s, and my aim is true, the enemy is shattered. They flee. where their comrade was once, he is no more. evaporated. Deande is not the push, she is it’s amplification. I don’t make things happen on my own, but when my team makes them happen I make damn well sure they don’t un-happen.

Miko is a bulls-eye. My primary mark. When you have intent, and you execute the the ■■■■■■■ letter, you are overcome with a satisfaction to rival that of bleeding the air out of the tires of that guy who was being a dick to you. “take a seat”’, it’s all that’s really left to say after that.

The second representation of my submission is the meme aspect. It stands for all the kick-ass, irreplaceable, unparalleled, and badass friends and fam this game has given me, and all the time we’ve spent together just being a bunch of ■■■■■■■ water melons. Our chat is called “the meme team” ffs

@blainebrossart1 @vagrantsun @Garrus_Sniper @Phoenix-2613 @Supernovasnipe @lemuren97

Ya’ll are ■■■■■■■ legends. Make fun of my hat if you want (and if you have no taste), but the lot of you, and many more, have given me something more valuable than pizza pops: the ability to socialize with people I like without having to leave my own house cuz that’s work.


have a kick ass May the 4th and BB day everyone. I have strangers to ■■■■ with in my miko hat.



(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #51

Oh my god.

@Nemosis327 did you make this hat for this contest? Because I hope you did or it won’t be accepted :joy:


(Deandes in crime ) #52

i 100% did

ask phoenix. she’ll vouch. I couldn’t shut up about it =p


(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #53

Well, the cap specifically may’ve eluded me, but the fasciation over Miko would’ve likely been becausr of him adapting his combat skills bu encountering Deande. I suppose the cap would be the most iconic part though.

Pleasure to read though. I’m never going to get tired the memes provided by the aforementioned group. Kinda feel bad now that I didn’t specify it in my post to be honest :sweat_smile:


(Deandes in crime ) #54

(Augustus Benedict) #55

When does this end again? I have an idea, but I need the weekend. Haven’t drawn in years, we shall see if I still got it


(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #56

It’s in the OP – submit before May 6th at midnight (PDT) and you’re in.


(Deandes in crime) #57

No you’re right, you wouldn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, you weren’t too bad, not that I would’ve minded anyway.


(Deandes in crime ) #58


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(Kyle Gibson) #59

How do i get my art contest tlair for my bro certificate


(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #60

I’ll start PM’ing people who have submitted pieces with the code in a few! Hold on tight, you’re gonna make that Bro Certificate look dashing for Battleborn Day! :smile:


(D Novidian79) #61

Well they accepted my entry