Battleborn Day 4 art contest!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #82

Waaaaaaiiit a minute… :wink:

@Brute_912 Hey you can you send me a PM or enable them or something because you’re missing out on the Bro Certificate sticker…?

(Natsume Ryu) #83

I just want you to know this is the best thing.

Also, I hope Orendi got a colored sticker for second place.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #84

All Muses at Arms, the art contest is now closed and further entries will not be accepted into the judging process. Big thanks to everyone who participated and shared their inspiration, there’s a lot of really impressive art! Winners will be announced within 24 hours, and contacted privately for their prizes. Good luck!

(Qmzn) #85

Hmm, I thought it was over when it turned midnight at the transition from Sunday to Monday, PDT.

Not a big deal, since I don’t think anyone was working on last-minute submissions… just surprised by it being closed an hour early.

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #86

Apologies, I live in a completely different time zone and the daylights saving time threw me off. If there’s still entries anyone would like to submit in the next 30 mins they’re still in!

(Qmzn) #87

No need to apologize, because daylight savings time is stupid. :slight_smile:

(AxeWorld) #88

I already uploaded these to twitter but I forgot how dumb the compression is there. #Art4Solus

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #89

Happy news #Art4Solus artists! @mentalmars the wizard has granted me some spare codes to give out because awesome art deserves to be rewarded, and we had a whole bunch of that! Instead of just two runner-ups there will be five!! I will post the winners soon!

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #90

Here are the winners of the competiton! We were thrilled to see so many incredible entries, and I personally loved every piece and want to thank you for your participation. I’m so happy to be part of this community, where our one common goal is the unyielding love for Battleborn. Thank you for sharing your works and your thoughts, you’re all winners of course, but the goodies go to the following people…

1st place

  • lunaticwitchdoc
    Signed Battleborn lithograph and 3 SHiFT codes


It’s a truly eye-catching piece. It shows remarkable talent with the wonderful colors and composition. A lot of work went into this and it’s obvious the artist really enjoys the Jennerit as their favorite thing about Battleborn. The unique style and presentation of the characters is a joy to look at. Well done!

2nd place

  • ziro264
    3 SHiFT codes


The warm and lighthearted mood is really appealing and gives interesting contrast to Aurox’s sharp edges. It’s a very well balanced piece and executed brilliantly in its simplicity. A moment of bonding captured between two strange friends (?), the artist is at home around these characters and it shows. Brings a smile to my face.

3rd place

  • Shellalana
    2 SHiFT codes


Simply intriguing. This piece captures your attention with its seemingly simple presentation, but the more you look at it the more it makes you think. Knowing the Rogues this makes you really want to hear the story behind it. A thought provoking piece, and a great tribute to the Rogues.


1 SHiFT code each


I adore the strong colors used in this piece. It’s very striking, and it shows the artist crafted it with a lot of attention and care.

  • kaedex99


The creativity of this one is incredible. A lot of lovely little details, such as the kunai stick. Very unique.

  • madam233


The shadowfire effects are nicely drawn, and Orendi’s gaze makes this an intense moment. Well balanced and dynamic piece.


The mood of this is simply incredible. The composition and colors make it to have a calm but forebrooding mood. Beautiful way of presenting the character.


The only craft art submission! A lot of work was put into it, and I truly appreciate the effort, but even more I appreciate how it makes me laugh every time I see it.

And as a special gift, for his efforts @Benedict_87 wins one year subscription to Memecenter*

*not really

Congratulations to the winners, and a big round of applauses to everyone who participated! I’m really happy you shared your inspiration with us and told what are your favorite things in Battleborn. Thank you for taking part in making the fourth Battleborn Day event the best one yet. Who needs the stars back from the varelsi when the community has all of you shining about?

If there’s anyone who’s still missing their Muse at Arms art contest sticker, please let me know and I’ll sort it out.

Battle on!

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #91



(Deandes in crime ) #92

Only runner up?! What kind of a sham is this! I’m not even 0th place. People aren’t showering me with praise. My memes have not had sufficient responses of “lel”. And I haven’t had a Tim Hortons doughnut in over 24 hours.


I’m contacting my council. There will be sever compensation in meme format for this egregious insult. You will be hearing from my agent Soon, who’s name I’m unsure of and just prefers “no thumbs” instead.

Nemo, away!

*awkwardly skitters away back into the shadows

Also thank you! :heartpulse:

(Jennerit Supremacist) #93

So little back story here. In the Meme Team (a group of about a couple dozen PS4 players who play together often) we often refer to ultimates as triangles (the default ult button on a PS4 controller is Triangle). This has lead to a lot of jokes like good Thorn players are “The best trianglers NA”, bad Thorns “didn’t triangle hard enough”, “I got triangled to death” and so on. So when I read this:

I though OM deployed an Airstrike in order to win a game of Tic Tac Toe for a bit.

(Deandes in crime ) #94

How to spell overkill with a ■■■■■■■ triangle ladies and gentlemen

(Penguin connoisseur.) #95

B-But… There’s no kill like overkill…

(Is this thing on?) #96

Different game Toby, different universe!

(30% more flak) #97

Wow, congrats to all the winners, these are some very deserved placements (Lunaticwitchdocs piece was my favorite too!)

It warms my heart to see so many people still be so passionate about this game!
Gosh, I can’t even find the words to express how much I like all the artwork people submitted here. I can imagine the dev team appreciating these even more than I do!! Lots of exclamation marks!!!

(Penguin connoisseur.) #98

TWO MECHS, BITCHES!! Hiccups cutely.

Aaaand this is the art thread. Not the anniversary thread, where my detailing antics are more acceptable… Inhales through teeth. Sorry…

I’ll… I’ll just go now…

(Is this thing on?) #99

I think this technically counts as both dual-wielding and art :wink: