Battleborn Day 4 art contest!

Hey Battle Buddies! In honor of the Battleborn day and the game’s second anniversary we’re organizing an art contest. The theme is “What is your favorite thing about Battleborn?” and everyone is welcome to participate. Share your work with us by posting it in this thread, or on Twitter using the hashtag #Art4Solus. Be sure to use this hashtag as @lowlines’ custom Magnus AI will be able to pick it up and display the entries on his website. The submitted works will be judged by yours truly and there will be five winners in total.

  • 1st place: A signed Battleborn lithograph + 3 SHiFT codes
  • 2nd place: 3 SHiFT codes
  • 3rd place: 2 SHiFT codes
  • Two runner-ups will receive a code each

All participants will receive a code with which to unlock an art contest exclusive "Muse at Arms" sticker to add to their Bro Certificate!


You’re free to use any method or medium of your choosing, and the deadline for the submissions is midnight (PDT) on May 6th. Should you want to change your entry, just submit a new one but only the latest work will be judged. For any questions or concerns you can contact me.

Additional guidelines
  1. Don’t break the forum rules or the game’s rating with your entry. That means no NSFW.
  2. Your entry must be created for this contest. No old or previously created pieces.
  3. You’re encouraged to create in any format you want, e.g. writing or composing, but only visual pieces will be judged.
  4. Only Battleborn art is accepted, no crossovers. Art for Solus, of Solus.

We’re excited to see many creative creations and learn what are your favorite things about the game! Good luck, but more importantly have fun!

To look at all the other super cool stuff we’ve set up for the Battleborn Day event visit here! The full, Gearbox supported event runs from May 4th to 6th. Join in with the festivities by entering the contests or by simply hopping on the game with your friends! Let’s fight for Solus!

Also check out @MentalMars’s forums thread for additional info and updates!

  1. Great idea - looking forward to seeing the entries!
  2. Loving the concept of a magazine full of crayons…

That second point reminds me of that side quest in TPS where you collect junk guns, and then there’s the big reveal in Concordia - We fight … with ART! - love that pay-off!


Dunks out for @NatsumeRyu for that amazing cosplay! :smile:


This picture is my new favorite thing. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Well duh, boxes of crayons handed out to all the staff at GBX and a massive colouring contest!


Are submissions being accepted from the artistically handicapped?


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You don’t have to be a professional artist to participate.
If you do participate you will be able to get some additional flair to your Bro certificate :wink:

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Yeah, so I heard some people talkin’ 'bout how they weren’t gonna submit cuz they didn’t think their work was good enough.

Ya know what that means right?




Don’t let this darkest of futures come to pass. Submit your artwork now, or let Benny win with… whatever the ■■■■ that is by default.



Hmm…Well what do you know…the Magnus bot actually wasn’t working properly. So this hasn’t made it to the gallery page…yet. :sweat_smile:

Here’s hoping there’ll be some more submissions before I finish slapping my Magnus bot for pick and choosing what it deems as “art”. :sweat:

Important Disclaimer: Images still count as submissions even if they don’t show up in the gallery. Unless someone abuses the system and posts something that is deemed inappropriate/offensive by forum/twitter standards, it will eventually show up in the gallery. I will however filter out usernames that do break the rules (but I really hope I don’t have to).

Update: Bot is back up and working now! I gave the Magnus a good talking to and now it should pick up anything with the hashtag. I want this page to be loaded with cool fanart by the end of Battleborn Day! :smiley:


Even though I am one of the artistically handicaped, I was encouraged to try stopping the darkest future from happening. Therefore, I present my first battleborn fanart. My favorite thing about Battleborn is taunting of course, so I drew one of my favorite taunts.

To explain what is happening In this picture: you can see a fainted minion, because its processing unit burned after it tried to take in the marvelousness of the tea ceremoniy. On the right you can see a certain battleborn taking advantage of her cloak to spectate from the perfect angle undetected.



Aw, dammit. Looks like I still got a shot for second place though…


OK, my turn - another one who can’t draw is reporting for duty.

My favourite thing isn’t a thing, it is a sentient being who never betrays me, who has a splendid sense of humor when just standing in the middle of the lane taunting, who got me plenty of kills in my career and who sometimes gives you that satisfying feeling when you see the enemy team burst out in panic, just because they see her.

The most loyal friend in this game - the holotwin:

Always look behind you when you see this face.

Edit (thanks for the reminder @VaultHunter101): #Art4Solus


Don’t forget to insert the hashtag!


Question. May I submit a physical creation as opposed to a drawing?

Take a photo.

Nemo, are you about to cosplay Deande for us? Should I tag everyone so we can all see?



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What a letdown. I was ready to assemble target banned for you, but I see how it is now Nemo u.u


I’m pretty sure it’ll still be badass if it turns out like I hope. Just ordered the material and everything.


Question am I able to submit the same price of artwork to Twitter as on the forums or just on one or the other

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