Battleborn Day 4 - MINREC Snapshot Contests

Hello everyone! I’m here to announce that one of the events for Batleborn Day will be a series of screenshot contests announced by @MINREC_Magnus on Twitter. If you use the hashtag #FeedMINREC on Twitter and include a screenshot (all gaming platforms included) that proves you completed the challenge as prescribed by MINREC on that day, then you stand to win a Shift Code! The person who completes the most daily challenges (there will be three, one given on each day of the event) and is judged to have the highest quality submissions, will win a signed Battleborn lithograph!

Check out @lowlines’ site for more info on this event:

Feel free to reply to this topic with any questions about the event you have. I urge you to not submit your screenshots here, as it will be easier for MINREC to compile and judge the entries on Twitter. I will update this post with MINREC’s announcements as they come, so stay tuned and follow @MINREC_Magnus on Twitter!



There are sentries on these screenshots, I swear!

I don’t have a twitter.