Battleborn Day 4 Official Events

Hey everyone!

As you may know, Battleborn Day 4 is kicking off this Friday, May 4th, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be participating!

You can join in our official Battleborn Day festivities from 2pm PT/5pm ET on Friday to 8am PT/11am ET on Monday, May 7th!

We’re implementing the following:

  • Lootpocalypse
    • Boss Drop Rate Adjustment: 50% (Normal) 75% (Advanced)
    • Champion and Elite enemy drop rate adjustment
    • Champions drop all gear rarities and Elites drop more uncommons
    • All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity Gear
  • Increased chance of getting Gear with Flair from Faction, Core, Magnus, and Legendary loot packs.
  • Legendary Loot Packs available for purchase
  • Login Rewards
    • 1 Fireworks Finisher
    • 1 Loot Boost
    • 1 Double XP Boost
    • 1 Magnus Loot Pack
  • Login reward skins:
    • Ambra – The Will to Power (Gold)
    • Miko – Our Brightest Colors (Gold)
    • Deande – Intelligence (Gold)
    • Benedict – Quoth the Raven (Cyber)
    • Kid Ultra – Heximus Rex (Cyber)
    • Kleese – Maddest Scientist (Cyber)
  • Skins and Taunts sale – 25% Off
  • All characters on Free Rotation

Special thanks to everyone who organized the community-run Battleborn Day events! We hope you all have fun this weekend, and we’ll see you on Solus!

The Battleborn Day community organizers are working on a special Gearbox sticker for their Bro Certificates! To grab one for yourself, head to @LowlinesBattleborn Day website starting May 4th and enter the code “forthefans”! Be sure to look out for more secret codes from the community organizers throughout the anniversary weekend!


Thanks Gearbox for once again supporting Battleborn Day !

The “Battleborn Day Team” has been working hard on organizing a lot of fun activities for this special occasion.
We think there is a lot of cool stuff for everyone to enjoy (and win some sweet prizes).

Check out all the events at this thread:


Guess I’ll be playing some BB after a loooong time! Great to see GBX supporting community events like this :slight_smile: And great work to all organizers!!!


No deande cyber skin :joy:

Everything else looks great, thanks!


We’ve been teasing what flair stickers you’ll be able to add to your Bro Certificates all week!

Legendary Looter

Unlock: Submit a drop in the Loot Hunt.


Muse at Arms

Unlock: Participate in the Art Contest.


Kipper of the Lore

Unlock: Participate in the Lore Quiz.


Bro Patch for the Bros!

Unlock: Available to everyone.


Lil Recycler

Unlock: Participate in the Snapshot Contest.


Live from the Detritus Ring

Unlock: Signup as a streamer.


We still have quite a few more stickers that we will be distributing codes for through social media via #BattlebornDay!


I gotta ask since I can’t find an answer; What’s a bro certificate? Is it a generated image with your name & earned stickers?


Yes. It’s something @MentalMars, @beya and @FuryPotatoOfFury came up with together, which we decided to take a step further and integrate it into other events. We didn’t know about Gearbox’s plans for Battleborn Day so we wanted to give folks a reason to participate in each event as early feedback we got implied many were turned off by the fact that only the winners would get rewards. The certificate features Oscar Mike’s signature, written by Jim Foronda making it a signed piece of art that everyone can obtain by simply going to the website during Battleborn Day.

We haven’t revealed what the final certificate design looks like yet as we want it to be a surprise. The textured backgrounds on those sticker images are actually a tease of the certificate, if you had all the sticker tease images, they would actually form a puzzle that makes up a slice of the full thing! :wink:


No recibi ninguna recompensa por Iniciar Sesion, solo me dieron 1 Fireworks Finisher, del resto nada :frowning_face:

I love Gearbox. I want to thank the Battleborn team and all the fans of this game that support Battleborn day so much.
Sadly I have not been very active on the game and the forums, but I will totally play this weekend. <3 And I hope to see some familiar faces this weekend too. And maybe I can finally play with some of these long time players I’ve always wanted to play some games with (-Cough- A certain Toby player -cough-)

But I am super excited and I see you all this weekend. <3


Can’t wait to log on this weekend!

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Hey, do our Bro Certificates come laminated? I’d like to carry mine around with me.


What are the secret codes for extra flair stickers i have the birthday cake and mental mars sticker but ive not got beya lowlines or anyother stickers and i want my bro certificate to have ultimate flair

You need to participate in the events that award them. Here is a link to the 2nd anniversary thread, where links to the events, and info on them, can be found. We do hope you’ll join us for-

Wait… “We do hope you’ll join us”?! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?! When did I get so… So, Nice?! Anyways, here’s the link:

I’m off to my local yellow pages to find a therapist…

you only get them digitally so you would have to print and laminate them yourself

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OH S******************************!!!


A couple people have said they are having trouble locating the lore quiz, so here is another link to it:

Sorry for the trouble! Please don’t hate me…!

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And here’s a link to the link Cam just posted!

I’m helping. :acmjk:


Oh it felt ssoooooo goood to play this game again!!! Oho… I might want to play some more again… I thought I was done! I still have so many other games to play! Why you doing this?!!

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this is my Bro Certificate so far i cant get the streamer flair as i forgot to sign up and am waiting to get my loot hunt flair is there any that i am missing or can i earn the streamer one as i would like to stream battleborn but i cant sign up


Hey y’all. I just wanted to point out, Benny’s new cyber skin is also shiny an’ chrome.
I love it.
I mean, just try to tear yer eyes away from this. (Eyes start bleeding)