Battleborn Day 4 - Toby's Epic Lore Quiz


Hey there, Battleborn! HandsomeCam here, with an irresponsibly fashionably late addition to the Battleborn Day #4 festivities!

You see, in order to roleplay effectively, you need to have an extensive knowledge of your character’s lore as well as their personality, and I’ve had to do my fair share of research and digging into the official lore pages of the characters I’ve roleplayed as, to accomplish that. In this event, I will be giving a quiz to see who the biggest lore masters in Solus are! Here’s what you need to know to participate, and maybe win some sweet prizes:

How will the quiz work?

The quiz will consist of sixty questions, with two questions pertaining to each character. It will be split into two parts of thirty questions each, the first easy and the second hard.

IMPORTANT: All answers will be taken directly from the in-game character lore pages, but the answers to questions regarding one character might be found on the lore page of a different character.

What if I don't have every character's lore completed?

If you don’t have every character’s lore completed to look through for the answers, don’t worry, because if you are reading this, than you have access to the internet. The complete lore of every character can be found on @lowlines “Battleborn Lore Bible” website, under the “Heroes” tab. Here is the link:

When will the quiz be available to complete?

The first part of the quiz will be posted in an update in this thread, on the beginning of Saturday, May 5th, at 12:00am U.S. Central Time (my own time zone). The second part will be posted in another update exactly twenty-four hours later, on the beginning of Sunday, May 6th, at 12:00am U.S. Central Time. The reason I am splitting the quiz into two parts a day apart, is to allow participants from all time zones an equal chance to win, which requires me to post the exact time that the quizzes will be posted (barring any unfortunate incidents that may cause me a delay, of course). Because the answers can all be found in the character lore pages, this contest is likely to take the form of a lore scavenger hunt, so make sure to be ready at the time of the second quiz’s posting to have your best shot at winning!

IMPORTANT: No submissions will be accepted as of 12:00am U.S. Central Time, on Monday, the 7th of May.

What can I win?

There will be three winners, and they will be the first three people to submit all correct answers. In the unlikely event that not enough participants manage to submit all correct answers, the remaining winners will be determined by most correct answers submitted. Here are the prizes you can win:

1st place winner: Signed Battleborn lithograph.
2nd place winner: Complete set of 25 Battleborn collector’s cards.
3rd place winner: SHiFT code.

How do I submit my answers?

Answers must be submitted by sending me a personal message (PM), and this thread will be locked to prevent people from posting their answers in it, in order to make this necessary. The reason for this is to prevent people from copying the answers of others in an attempt to win.

Do you have what it takes to be a lore master? Be sure to check this thread during the Battleborn Day weekend (exact dates and times above) to find out!


H-Hey there, um… Guys! Guys? Oh man… That was so lame! Sorry for being lame! A-Anyways, it’s time for my epic lore quiz! YAY!! So, uh… As I’m sure Cam told you, him and I each picked thirty questions (one for each of the Battleborn, myself included!), a-and that I’ll be posting mine now, while he’ll be posting his in 24 hours. He also said that his will be way harder, but we’ll see about that, Cam! WE’LL JUST ■■■■■■■ SEE ABOUT THAT!! Oh man…! Sorry for cursing! You’re not going to lock my quiz now, right…?

Um… Where was I…? Oh yeah! So, if you guys can correctly answer just 10 of my SUPER HARD, BRAIN-MELTING QUESTIONS, I’ll give you the code for my “Kipper of the Lore” stamp! However, if you want to win one of my quiz’s three prizes, be sure to submit all 30 correct answers as fast as you can, a-and then come back in 24 hours to do the same with Cam’s LAME AND BORING half of the quiz! More than anything, just have fun with it, and… U-Umm… PLEASE don’t tell Reyna that I missed my training exercises to do this…?

  1. Who killed off all of Alani’s culture?

  2. What is the name of the Jennerit religious sect that Ambra once belonged to?

  3. What was Attikus’ designation before he chose that name?

  4. Which Battleborn did Beatrix try to experiment on with Miko’s help, before they woke up and escaped?

  5. What is the name of Benedict’s nestmate?

  6. Which Battleborn did Boldur adopt as a child?

  7. What is the name of Caldarius’ race?

  8. What was Deande’s position in the Jennerit Imperium, before defecting to join the Battleborn?

  9. What is El Dragon’s real name?

  10. What award was Ernest granted for his heroic efforts in the evacuation of Madan?

  11. What is Galilea’s nickname?

  12. Who were the first five Battleborn that Ghalt recruited?

  13. Which Battleborn did ISIC used to work under in the LLC?

  14. What is the name of the microorganisms that Kelvin is made up of?

  15. What is the name of the holoshow that Kid Ultra wanted to create?

  16. What expensive animal did Kleese insist he needed to help save Solus?

  17. Which Battleborn did Marquis used to serve as a butler to?

  18. What is the name of the Eldrid combat group that Mellka used to belong to?

  19. Which Battleborn did Miko save and befriend?

  20. Which Battleborn is Montana’s best buddie?

  21. What is the name of Orendi’s race?

  22. What is Oscar Mike terrified of?

  23. Which Battleborn recruited Pendles to the Rogues?

  24. What is Phoebe’s full name?

  25. What are the names of Rath’s three blades?

  26. What is the name of Reyna’s ship?

  27. What is the name of Aurox’s race?

  28. What does the name of Thorn’s bow, Kreshek, mean?

  29. What faction did Toby originally try to join?

  30. What did the UPR bounty say might happen if you look directly at Whiskey Foxtrot’s face?

Oh! I-I almost forgot to remind you guys that answers must be submitted to @HandsomeCam by PM! Sorry!


So here we are! The second, actually difficult half of Toby’s Epic Lore Quiz! Why is it more difficult? Well, for starters, I scrambled the order of the questions, which I’m sure will prove a tad annoying, mwuhahaha! The other reason it is more difficult is because you won’t be finding the answers to some characters’ questions in their own lore pages, but in the lore pages of others. That being said, I threw in a lot of particularly funny questions to find the answers to, and I think you’ll enjoy my half more than Toby’s as a result. Also, those of you who have PMed me already, please make sure to hit “reply” in the PM to make it a new post when you post your answers for the second half, so that I will be alerted that you’ve posted them. Finally, remember that speed of submissions is a factor if you want to win one of the three prizes. So, without further ado… Nova?

Get ready to tear your hair out in frustration, in 3… 2… 1…

  1. How long was Kleese CEO of Minion Robotics?

  2. What did Rath forge Caldarius’ blade from?

  3. Why did Ambra resign her position in the Silent Sisters, and join the Battleborn?

  4. What is the name of the planetoid on which Shayne was found?

  5. What Battleborn is Deande attracted to?

  6. What is Pendles’ actual name?

  7. What was the date that Attikus lead the final thrall rebellion?

  8. What does Orendi claim she will do to Rendain?

  9. What is ISIC’s name an acronym for?

  10. Who was Thorn’s great great grandmother?

  11. What job did El Dragon apply to the Hemsworth family for?

  12. What was Caldarius’ prisoner number?

  13. How many Jennerit soldiers did Galilea confess to killing?

  14. What sidekick name did Kid Ultra give to ISIC?

  15. How many years did Ghalt serve in the UPR, before resigning to form the Battleborn?

  16. What animal did Montana tell a story about wrestling?

  17. What article of clothing was Alani tricked into wearing on her arms?

  18. What holoshow was Toby’s picture submitted to, without his approval?

  19. What is the difference in weight of Reyna’s plasma pistol between when it is empty and when it is charged?

  20. What does Benedict say is the best way to get airborne?

  21. What is Boldur’s shield made of?

  22. What did Beatrix try to cure her classmate of, as a child?

  23. How many times does Ernest reference “fire” in his incredibly awkward pep-talk message to Toby?

  24. What was Kelvin’s final appearance decided over?

  25. What vegetable was Miko caught spooning in the pantry?

  26. Why did Marquis insist that Bindlebane be gold-plated?

  27. How do you pronounce Mellka’s ancestral name?

  28. Where did Whiskey Foxtrot write a bunch of graffiti relating to the Mike clones?

  29. Why did Phoebe request that Marquis be installed with a proper appreciation for owls?

  30. What was the date that Oscar Mike was recruited by the UPR?


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