Battleborn Day: How to help new players

So one problem I’ve noticed with Battleborn Day is that when I play a round with some randoms and play against some randoms… I really don’t know who’s a new player. Sure I can ask people on my team but there’s no way of knowing if we are playing against veterans or newbs, This makes it really hard to decide when I should be pulling punches or at the very least playing with characters I’m not good at.

Press on peoples name on the scoreboard in-game and you can see their rank :-]

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Since Battleborn Day began I’ve noticed many starter command rank level players online which has been refreshing. I’ve been trying to get in and play randoms in the story since that is the best place for people to go and get familiar with a character and cut their teeth. I’ve tried to play in more of a support role, not really trying to push through and be a one man wrecking machine or taking advantage of my experience with the map and game flow. I kind of hang back and follow them and try to help them out of a jam and kind of lead the way when its needed. One thing that has been a little discouraging is I’ve had several games where people who have been single digit command ranks who have just dropped out of a match after they have died one time. I count it as maybe they kind of figured out right away that they don’t like the character they picked or how to use them. I wish there was some kind of way that I could encourage them to keep at it. I did have a match were i played with a command rank 2 and a player who was a 4-5. After dying early on the CR 2 guy dropped out, but i did manage to finish the mission with the other player. After the match was over I clicked on the guy who quit psn profile and it looks like they are a big overwatch player, who may have been giving this game a chance after hearing about BB day. Just wish he could have pushed through with us. He picked El Dragon, though not too complicated, may have been too close quarters for somebody just starting out. Maybe if he could have switch characters mid match he might have kept going.