Battleborn Day II Recap

Well, that’s a wrap for the weekend of Battleborn Day II. We hope you all had a great weekend! It was great seeing new players hopping in and learning the ropes, veterans helping them out, and lots of players grouping up and capitalizing on the Lootpocalypse.

A very big thank you to Gearbox and various members of the community for contributing to the weekend with lots of help and giveaways!

Again, thanks for joining! Comment below with your favorite moment from the weekend!


I worked this entire weekend, and didn’t get to play a minute of Battleborn, but i got two free skins for logging in!

So, yes; Thank you, Gearbox. Let me sing for you…



Lot of drinks, lots of laughs, only occasional screaming / crying / PTSD, 2 free skins, 850,000 spent on 53 Legendary Packs, many skins bought on sale, many characters brought up to 20; if only it had been Chaos Rumble it would have been perfect!

Thank you, Gearbox!


Got a few characters advanced, and feel I may be getting a slightly better grip on versus mode. Had a couple of bad moments (Bots Battle Incursion with 3 drop outs after the AI first sentry went down, so 2 on 5 for a very uncomfortable time; also saw a >110 rank player leave matching making as soon as the rest of the ranks were revealed a couple of times.) Otherwise, though, pretty solid and I did manage to earn a few loot packs and skins through character levelling.

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I jumped in early Friday, bought a couple hundred thousand credits worth of packs, scoped out the discounts on skins and taunts (picked up a few I liked) then activated two boosters and went over to PVP.

That’s when I realized the only way to play Incursion was in draft. I then spent 15 minutes dumbly staring at the draft menu trying to psyche myself up enough to enter it solo.

Spoiler, I didn’t.

Did some bots battle, got bored, did some quick match got bored quicker, tried draft lost interest before bans were even done.

I think I played maybe 10 games this weekend.

So, yeah, not my favorite BattleBorn experience.

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Actually, didn’t play at all. PC player base stayed literally the same (according to numbers). And I really have no desire to play against the same players as I did for the past 4-5 months.

Dumped 330k credits on legendary packs and that’s it.

still out of town, didnt get to even log in. c’mon guys! make me feel bad !

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Making people feel bad is a specialty of mine.

So I will make you feel absolutely terrible where you can start hearing that bridge you visit everyday beckon to you, whispering sweet nothings to you as it encourage you to jump off of it.

If that’s not morbid enough, I can turn it up further. But this would be suffice for now.

I had 465K credits and spent it all on Legendary Packs. Then I soon activated my loot booster with my other 4 buddies to grind legendary packs in Bots Battle. I got loads and loads of packs (commander, core, epic, some legendary) with the first group, and then I played with the next group with 5 boosters activated. I played for 18 hours on Saturday, from 9am to 3am, and then when I came back at 2pm on Sunday I played some more until my booster ran out of juice.

Fortunately, my friends still had some life left in their boosters, so I squeezed a few more packs out of them until everyone of them reached zero. All the useless stuff were converted into credits to buy more Legendary Packs.

Now I have 58 Legendary Packs sitting there, waiting to be opened on Thursday when DLC5 arrives -thus the legendary loot pool would be updated. Battleborn and I are going to have so much fun together, I promise!

And RNGesus can go fk himself trying to screw me with st rolls.

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62 legendary packs from the weekend waiting for Thursday myself, with my lack of self control claiming an additional 10 before I came to my senses. Come at me flexes

I could really use a social life… :frowning: