Battleborn Day II - Saturday, February 18



Times: 10am Saturday - 10pm Sunday CST (Gearbox bonuses running Friday 2pm PT through Monday 10am PT, more on that below)

New Players: Battleborn Day is for everyone, but we like to give special attention to our new players. If you’re a veteran, be on the lookout for new players, and help them learn the ropes! If you’re new, welcome! Be sure to check out our [New Players Thread.] (

Winter Update: Battleborn Day II is also partly a celebration of the Winter Update, which isn’t perfect of course, but brought us a whole lot of love and new content from Gearbox. Read up on the Winter Update [here!] (

More changes and content have come since the Winter Update, like the new Story Op and some balance changes. Read up on all that stuff [here.] (


MentalMars is giving away Battleborn tees! Comment on his video [here] ( to enter to win one!

Also, anyone that logs in between 10am CST Saturday and 10am CST Sunday receives a free loot booster in-game!

20 Steam Keys for Battleborn were given away for Battleborn Day between reddit and the forums! Thanks to u/MrWingless for contributing most of them. If you entered and won, I have sent you a PM with the code. PC players, be on the lookout for the newbies and be sure to give them a warm welcome!

  • Devs: Lootpocalypse is back! Boss drop rates increase 50% on normal, 75% on advanced. Champion and elite enemy drop rates increase, all enemies drop more and higher rarity gear, and rare/epic/commander packs are more likely to drop higher rarity gear.

Also: Legendary and faction loots packs will be available for purchase, skins and taunts will be on sale, special titles will be available, and logging in during Battleborn Day will net you gold skins for Ghalt and Kelvin!

There is more to come! Keep an eye on the Battleborn Twitter through the weekend.

  • Queues: Our queues for the weekend will be Solo/Duo Quick Select and (at least on Saturday) we’ll have Versus Draft!

  • Loot Boosting: People are already planning on loot boosting, and certainly more will want to party up and stack boosters that day. Get connected below so you can maximize your progress that weekend!


A special title for a certain amount of activity not just a title for playing once on that day
And i won´t be getting a title for activity cause i´m about 400km away from home that day so fml ._.


Similar to the Title for putting so much time and/or effort, how about Battleborn Day Challenges that award a decent amount of Platinum for completing each task?


Thats a Great idea and or a Animated battleborn day title

Large-ish discounts on the Loot Boosters for the duration of the day would also be pretty nice, mean more people likely to try and stack them.


Double credits and double XP would also be a nice addition I think.

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looking for some people to stack loot boosters and do bots battle for maximum loot pack outcome :slight_smile: on PC: Lehonay

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I’ll try to be online playing on PC/Steam: agarone. I’m not great, but I’ve got 120 hours in the game and probably 1000 hours between BL2 and BLTPS.

Happy to throw my name in for the rewards. :slight_smile:

Why do we have Ride to Hell 2?

Did Gearbox get the license to that game without us knowing?

Oh my Lord, the franchise is actually happening!

What, it’s Battleborn Day 2? This is probably the drugs’ doing; it blurs my vision as I overdose.

If we’re going to have Battleborn Day 2, it’s going to need to be even better than Battleborn Day 1.

*Core Packs at 66% off, because reasons.
*Marketplace merchandise at 33% off, at minimum, again because reasons.
*Double XP.
*Double Credits.
*Increased loot drops in PvE story and OPs.
*Increased legendary drop chances, like in Lootpocalypse.
*Free Loot Booster to taste the the exhilaration of more loot.
*Free unnecessary drugs.
*New shirts to replace bloodied shirts.

I’m pretty sure there are more things I could add, but I’ll come back later.

If I can somehow get another copy of Battleborn through Steam, sure, why not. Pretty sure none of my friends who don’t have this game won’t want it.


Is it bad that I would buy Ride to Hell 2?

Idea for the ultimate battleborn day 2…show us an Easter egg for borderlands 3 in toby’s friendship raid! Forget the loot drop boost and XP boost show me where we’ve all been missing something.

Also you guys are all awesome! Thank you for BB!


I would love to finally play Battleborn. I played it back in the alpha and liked it, but thanks to Overwatch and bad press on the game, i kinda ended up forgetting about Battleborn till recently. I read that a lot of the issues were fixed, so i’d love to give it a shot.

Why Toby’s friendship raid specifically?

@lemonheadjake because the communit already found 1 in attikus (the devs confirmed there are at least 2 in ATR)and there are at least 1 in TFR, Battle school, and montanas new one. I think if we got the Easter egg in TFR maybe it would point us in the right direction towards more. Also one dev said the community was “close” in TFR or at least onto something. So it may help us move forward with finding more. Check out the Easter egg post @loving-hatred created

I’ve always wanted to play Battleborn with my friends, but i could never find the money to get it, what with classes and textbooks being overpriced, if i could get a steam code, it’d make my day/year

Really? Ugh, good game devs

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Borat voice

So excite!

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Sounds like a good time

It’s great to see these kind of community events, hope everyone will have a good time during it:)

I’d love to enter the giveaway for a buddy of mine that I’ve been trying to get to start playing the game for the past couple of weeks, I’m sure he’d like the game but he can’t quite afford it :frowning:

I’d be happy to see some legendary lootpacks in the shop!