Battleborn Day - Loot Hunt

(IAmABananaOo) #417
Quartermastery Bin ps4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #418
Boots of the Brute ps4 #loothunt

(lowlines - PS4) #419

I believe they are the same codes that @MentalMars has been distributing through live streams. Those were locked in well before any of the Gearbox Official stuff was announced.

Well that will certainly make things go faster! The thing that normally takes the longest when designing them is what is on the actual gear card! I still need to implement the Anniversary Card into my website though. The sample I included with the announcement was something I put together in photoshop.

(IAmABananaOo) #420
Lorrian Skill Spike ps4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #421
Doomsday Key ps4 #loothunt

(Kain Zilla) #422
Chrono Key ps4 #loothunt

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #423

Haven’t seen any of ‘em. Didn’t know they were given out in streams as well, would’ve kept an eye out then!

Sounds like lootpacks of some sort then.

The first one was really obvious to do for me, the 2nd one had a clear theme (but more ambiguous stats) and the third one I just know what I’d like in principle.

So the winners will generate their own gear in a prescripted format on your website instead of you doing them yourself?

(lowlines - PS4) #424

When I say implement, I mean get added to the Community Gear database and accessible from the api via the Discord bot “lowlibot” or as a share url like this.


I am planning on setting up a page for viewing the Community Gear Cards, mainly so I can take a crack at animated gear cards by doing stuff like making these new ones sparkle. I make no promises on that last part, it’s just an idea atm.

While I tend to take suggestions from the person, I try to add my own personal touch to them like in the name or the flavor text. There’s more info on that in my #battleborn:fan-creations thread. Community Legendary Gear Cards

(Kyle Gibson) #425

H3NCHM4N’s CAPACITOR XB1 #loothunt

H3NCHM4N's Capacitor PS4 #loothunt

Shield Web Interdictor PS4 #loothunt

Firmware Update 1.51C PS4 #loothunt

Hate Reflector PS4 #loothunt

Sentinel Reset Switch PS4 #loothunt

Leechsteel Brooch PS4 #loothunt

Vibro-Core Module PS4 #loothunt

Chrono Key PS4 #loothunt

Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr PS4 #loothunt

Bola's Target Finder PS4 #loothunt

One-4-All Shield Array PS4 #loothunt