Battleborn Day - Loot Hunt

(IAmABananaOo) #621
Boots of the Brute PS4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #622
Shield Web Interdictor PS4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #623
Hate Reflector PS4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #624
Hostile_Takeover.exe PS4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #625
Chrono Key PS4 #loothunt

(IAmABananaOo) #626
Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr PS4 #loothunt

(lowlines - PS4) #627

ATTENTION: The Loot Hunt closes in just over an hour. Enough time for one or two more runs through story missions!




And…we are done here! * drops the mic *


It’s going to take me some time to go through and check that all the submissions for the winners are valid. In the meantime, the leaderboards and global stats are still up and you can also inspect player’s by clicking on their username and see their submissions in a gallery. :wink:


(How much time do we have?) closed #628
(How much time do we have?) #629

Locked at OPs request. And a HUGE THANK YOU to @lowlines and crew for this event!

Any and all follow-ups can go here:

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