Battleborn Day queue!

Hey folks -

Thanks to the great idea on our subreddit of having a Battleborn Day, I’m opening up discussion of what our community would like to see in the queue for that day!

You can join in here:

Or, just reply to this thread. I’ll watch both!

My post on the subreddit:

Hey folks -
We’re getting excited for Battleborn day here at Gearbox, and we want to support it as much as we can! With that said…
I think creating a “Battleborn Day” versus queue is in order.
What would you like to see in the “Battleborn Day” queue?
Modes, maps, rules, chat, voting? Bonus credits or experience? All characters unlocked?
We may be able to accommodate a few other strange requests. Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll see how close we can get.


I know most people will be focused on the PVP aspects of Battleborn during such a momentous day. However, I think it would be amazing if there was at least some sort of spotlight on the PVE side as well!

My understanding of the hopes for Battleborn day is that everyone will get online, have easy access to matches and just have a bunch of fun with the game (hopefully reminding some people just how fun it can be)! So hopefully us PVE nutjobs are given a little love. :heart_eyes:

Otherwise just keep up the good work. It is awesome to see you all responding to a community created and driven event!


For Pve: swap boss drop and loot pack legendary loot pools for the day.

As for Pvp I have a few thoughts, but they are random and all over the place atm. I’ll be back.

Oh, and a Deande gold skin. Or just a gold skin. Dosent have to be Deande. Maybe phoebe.

And another idea, give everyone a battleborn day title that you can only get if you play on that day.


Excellent idea! :slight_smile:


This is a great idea!


doesn’t most of the playerbase have them unlocked already? lol

There are a bunch of low CR players still playing + I doubt everyone has the DLC characters either.

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That’s VERY interesting! I’ll see if we can do that. Doing something special for PvE sounds great too. Feel free to continue to throw others ideas out as well for PvE. I’m game for almost anything we can do.

I’m going to give the subReddit guys credit on this one. They got the ball rolling in a big way. I’m happy to help push! We should be in a place (time-wise and tech-wise) where we can do this more often now, too.


that awkard moment when you randomly get someone like phoebe on a map like the renagade. bad times ahead if you’re not in a party

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As much as I love my BattleBorn, and I do love BattleBorn, I’ll be at a concert that night. Black Sabbath’s last show ever in the U.S.
That said, something like a Lootpocalypse event with added benefits like all loot packs discounted or even an increased loot pool in Story mode would be great

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Haha, well I would personally like to see it as a public que only. Both to reduce the chances of being totally screwed by bad character rolls and because the entire point of the event is to have a fun time playing with the community :smiley:

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I’m not sure how advanced your systems are after that one update now, but

  • random character on death. This would be with the preset helix mechanism, so that would be no worry, but you could still choose during the death sequence need be. Loadout is chosen from a list as the death timer ticks down.

  • halved cooldown, double damage, double healing

  • low gravity, halved cooldown, double speed (JAKOO)

  • I will keep coming up with these but more importantly is any of this possible Jythri?

  • Most of this is applicable in PVE FYI

This would preferably be an additional queue to all but PC. Even chance of all maps, but slightly less for Capture and Faceoff so it feels less redundant as well as less chance of Overgrowth to compensate for confirmation bias

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any changes to make the day special would be welcome. :stuck_out_tongue: ill probably group up with discord folks if i can (ive been running solo/pug! :D), and to compensate we can go all random to spice it up.

edit: i could pull another all nighter and streeeeeam too! :smiley:

essentially OW arcade brawl rules

Wait which one? All of them? Eh, I didn’t care when it came around in OW, but I’ll cream if this exists in battleborn

Bonus credits and experience are probably expected I would guess. I know all characters unlocked would be another big favorite. A free gold/cyber skin or two for everyone who participates in the days activities (would just logging in be enough or would you expect them to at least participate in several matches to ear the reward?). I know some people would expect SHiFT codes, but if you just have them as unlocks in-game that might be a better way to handle things. You’ve done it before for those with the Season Pass/Digital Deluxe Edition. If you did include SHiFT codes then maybe for some loot/gear packs? I know others would want to see increased drop rates from bosses and lootpacks for the day as well. I’m not sure how much you want to give people because I wouldn’t want them to get used to it or think it was the norm and begin to expect it.

As for modes, maps, rules, chat and voting and such? That’s a bit harder to pin down. It really depends on how many people show up. If we don’t get that many then we’ll want to keep things pretty much as is. But if we get more players then we’d want to give people more choice. More options. I would have 2 things set up beforehand and have it set up that you can just flip a switch as need be. First I would have a list of the following queues:

  • Quickmatch (No ELO - Players get to vote on map/mode or vote on mode while map is randomized)
  • Random/Rumble (No ELO - Maps and modes are all randomized - Character uniqueness possibly turned off)
  • Incursion (ELO enabled - Vote for map)
  • Meltdown (ELO enabled - Vote for map)
  • Face-Off (ELO enabled - Vote for map)
  • Capture (ELO enabled - Vote for map)

All modes should probably have team chat only with the exception of perhaps the Random/Rumble queue. And depending on how many people show up you can loosen or tighten the ELO. Or if things aren’t going as well as you’d hope then I would flip the switch and revert back to what we have now. I would do this on a system-by-system basis).

I would also add a spotlight or two to the story queue as well. One crazy idea would be a mode where the map is random as is the character you are given. You still get to choose your loadout, skin and taunt however. Maybe a variant where everyone on the team plays the same random character. Or for a full team of the same character the first one to pick chooses the character they all play. Or maybe a vote? People pick who they want and it randomly selects one of the highlighted characters out of those chosen.

I’ll have to think of more ideas. This came out of nowhere and I haven’t been up all that long and haven’t had enough coffee. I hate getting old.


@Kaleidodemon and everybody
In the reddit chat, Jythri clarified that voting on mode isn’t possible sadly. Just figured that would be important information to dispense

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This! Sooooooo much this! In particular the bit about max roll.


You hate grinding too, eh Studdgie?

If player base allow it, mentor day!

Split player base in two, new/beginers and int/adv.

4 beginers matches with a experienced player with an icon or someway to know who should aid you and give tips.

Beginers can reward the veteran for a good help advise.

New/beginers while be forced to play in a queue while Int/adv can play normaly. ppl who want to mentor will join noob queues alone.