Battleborn Day! Yay.... for everyone else!

So Battleborn Day is November 12th! Hooray! Just as I look at my fridge to find out that I have work that same day! A 9 to 5 shift I might add! Lol! That is so funny! I’m crying lol if there’s like triple credits or quintuple xp or something I will be crying as I work. I love my job lol so that will be the first time I work feeling very sad. LOL guys don’t worry don’t feel sad it’s literally fine I don’t mind have fun hehe…



(queue Mad World by Gary Jules)

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And I’ll be at a concert that night

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I’m going to be shocked if we’re all still alive on the 12th. :fearful:


Is that an election reference?

I’m pretty sure it is, and oh boy we as Americans may not make it to battleborn day


If you see an American player in the queues on BB day, we have not lost all hope.

I will also miss most the day. Graveyard shift schedule, so I’m asleep or at college (or asleep in college!) during the day.

Australia seems safe. I’d move there if I could get green bars. Asia anyone? Sad that America has the best queues


Unless everyone moves to Australia

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Aw hell… Americans complain every election year that it’s gonna be the end of the world if their candidate doesn’t get elected. Really? REALLY??? C’mon man! Honestly… SMH… the hubris… the arrogrance… the self-importance… the egotism…



Most people say that the world will end with either candidate this year lol. I’m gonna move on from the topic. And tbh, you’re only slightly more self obsessed than he rest of the cast lol. But Kelvin. He seems the least

OP: I effectively avoided that problem by pulling a 10.5 hour day yesterday. Football games are the WORST for working at a university.

Anyhow, my normal day is 2-10:30pm EST, so you’ll have company in the afternoon once you’re home from work; I’m used to playing past midnight most nights.

Breaking Character…

I feel your pain. I will also be working that day.

Yeah, dont count on getting green bars ‘Down under’ soon…devs are still ignoring us and mods are trying to tell us to be patient after 7 months.

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Yeah I’ve played with some of yall. Red bars are tough, some skills just don’t work

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I doubt they’re ignoring you. Servers cost money and with only so many people playing, it’s probably not cost effective for GBX to rent additional ones. If we had more people who played in general it’d be a different story.

The biggest thread on these forums is an Australian server problems topic where GBX requested feedback for server issues.

It hasn’t been responded to in ages. They’re ignoring the thread if not the issue as well. Even if they can’t fix it they should just say so rather than being disingenuous.


Yeah, I’m going to a con that day. There’s going to be Borderlands and Battleborn actors there though, so that counts I guess.

It sucks, but you can’t really blame anyone for picking a Saturday to do it, there was no way everyone would be able to participate.

Then thats all they need to say. While a fix would be nice, most of the thread is just asking for an UPDATE of any kind. Nothing at all. Very unproffesional to cut off an entire market of players.

I try to be fair and even-tempered, but they genuinely are ignoring the Australian community on this one. The problem doesn’t lie with insufficient servers - we have servers we can get good connections on - but with the console matchmaking code, which doesn’t take region into account. Unfortunately, Gearbox won’t formally acknowledge this, even though months upon months of our testing has demonstrated it to be the case.

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