Battleborn Dedicated Group Looking For Players

Well, this is a simple copy and paste from our post on the Steam community hub for this game.

For starters, my Steam name is Yuno, and i’m an Admin for the group; The current size of the group has grown from 1 to 70 within’ 5 days, so that should show how fast we are growing, and we won’t stop any time soon.

Recently, NobleDolphine96 created a Steam group roughly around 4 days ago that’s been growing at a nice rate. We currently have 59 players within the group that are down to play.

This group is mainly to help players find other players to play with so they don’t have to do the whole Solo queue that is frowned in the Moba scene, but this game seemed to have a less of a problem in that sense in the CTT and OBT.

We’re looking for anyone really who is down to play, whether it’d be a laxed player or a competitive, there’s a spot for everyone here. We have a Discord set up and so far we’re relatively talkative (quite suprising considering there’s a little over a week 'til the game is released). We’re continuously working to make this group grow; There is a few ruling guidelines, just like every community, but of course they’re not strict, and relatively common sense.

If you wish to join the stated group, Hit me, NobleDolphine96, or Formula up for an invite, we’ll gladly invite you into the group.

Here are our profiles to send us a message:

Formula (a√(bₓ-cₓ)/sinθ)

If you wish to simply check out the group you can go here:

Battleborn Dedicated Group

Any questions or wishes to join you can also post below.

See you Battleborns in game!

Pinged friend invites to you and NobleDolphin. Love to join! Steamname - arcanenox

The group is still alive and well with groups forming daily. If solo queue is giving you a hard time or you’re just looking for people to enjoy the game with, give us a try!

Interested in joining. Steam name McGangBang

I’m interested in this, but I have 2 questions.

1: I am already in another group, is it ok if I join? It’s a casual, small group.

2: I do not have a mic, nor do I plan on getting one. Is that a deal breaker?

If all is well, you can add me on steam: Poptarts~and~Glitter

Cool - been looking for a way to get out of solo queue, and haven’t bothered enough of my IRL friends to get a copy.

Sent an invite to you; looking forward to some time on over the double XP weekend.

Sent an invite to you, hoping to join the group for EU games.

Hi, i got a invite to the group (thank you!).
But could you tell me where I may find more info about the discord server?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Would love an invite to join as well! Looking for core group to pvp or pve with, whatever the mood of the session is, i’m game! I’m extremely respectful and I have a mic. Thanks in advance!

Steam: gooberstilly

This sounds great, I’ll try to join the group (I’ll send messages to you guys) I suppose you have player from all regions (I live in the UK)
Steam ID: C.Ayala