Battleborn Discord AMA 16/06/2017

The Battleborn Discord are holding another AMA shortly (This Friday actually)

If you’re not on and would like to be involved in the AMA that link should still work.

We run them with a structured selection of prepared questions then often move to an open floor situation which can be used to ask anything (that is within the topics that are allowed as there’s just some things that can’t be discussed due to legal reasons) in a polite and respectful manner.

The place also offers a way for people to discuss things from the game, access a plethora of resources from well known community members and find matches regardless of your platform (that’s right, there’s matchmaking channels for PC, XboxOne and PS4)


3-5pm CST Friday 16th June.


Hmm. Thanks for the heads up. I might show up for this, for the first time… the latest changes to the game have raised a lot of questions.

All signed up yo