Battleborn doesn't deserve the hate it's getting

Hear me out

I follow Gearbox/Battleborn on social media (Facebook mainly) and it’s good to see that they keep us updated. Yet everytime I view the comment section, it’s either “this game failed, move on to borderlands 3” “I tried so hard to love this game but I just can’t, Give us some BL3 news” “drop this dead game already and just give is BL3”

There’s no point in looking at the comments anymore because it’s always the same. I realise these people have existed for a long time, but I feel the need to address this. Gearbox have spent years on Battleborn, most likely. From start to finish, and even now, they are doing what they can to improve the game. Imagine if you’d spent months on an art project, only for someone to walk up to you and tell you that your creation is a piece of crap. It’s incredibly disrespectful for people to talk about this game the way they do. Not just me, but many people here love Battleborn. We want it to thrive. But it’s not going to thrive if people like that continuously down talk the game. My suggestion? Hold off BL3 for as long as possible. Don’t give them what they want. Make Battleborn the best game it can be. Prove them wrong.


It’s a beautiful, deep, intense, layered and funny game, truly.


GOTY to me :dukeaffirmative:


This game took me from the-other-game-we-not-name in a simple and beautiful way. Came out of nothing and now is my favorite mp game of all time. Seriously, I love this game and wanted to be as good as you guys. But even in my casual corner I love the game in all its fullness.



My original BB buddies are going back to BL handsome, and are trying to get me to buy it. I refuse because I want to see this game in its finished state.

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I’d reccomend getting it. It’s really good. You don’t have to abandon bb to play other games. You can just play with them when they want and play bb whenever you want to


This game was released too early. If it had released after the winter patch, things would be much better


Don’t get me wrong I love the game and play quite often, The problem is today’s gaming crowd just wants that fast match, let me go on my own and be able to kill anything with 1-3 shots. OW does exactly that, any character as long as you get the jump on someone can take each other out. Now this is the Majority crowd of gamers. Once they make up their minds they shun everything else out and just over glorify the game because its so easy and doesn’t take any actual thought.

Now BB has way too much depth for them, In my opinion it’s awesome. the helix system is freaking awesome. Ex. WF if the enemy team is melee heavy I’ll go for a push build that pushes the enemy and myself back to create constant space with his scrap cannon. if there isn’t melee i’ll go a different route. that right there is what got me hooked besides the awesome character, dialogue, abilities, mode and everything else.

To end my rambling here, i have ran into a few people trying out this game and just rushing out going all call of duty or OW style and get massacred, right away they just don’t want to put any effort, abandon it and just spread a negative opinion on the game. Yeah it sucks that people can be that way since this game truly deserves much more attention than it got.

P.S. I was waiting for OW way more than for BB when both had been announced, after I played both of them my OW copy has been gaining dust.


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I’ve seen a lot of this too. Me, I played Borderlands 2 for the first time this week, and I’m nearly at the end of my TVHM run.

I was hyped, given the high regard the game has on here and the fact I’m a bigger fan of roguelikes/RPGs than anything else. Yet my impression so far is that, of the two, Battleborn has much better writing, characters, and gameplay. With a smooth launch, fair matchmaking, and some of the QOL features we’re only just now getting, it would have been the superior (base) game.

How’s that for an unpopular opinion :wink:


Thank you for touching upon this. I don’t think (but I do hope nevertheless) that Battleborn (nor it’s potential sequels) will ever be too popular within the mainstream gamer community as people want instant gratification and also because a lot of players are turned off by the cartoony graphics. The high time-to-kill in the game seems to be the bane for a lot of players, to me it’s arguably one of the reasons why I love this game…

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If you have skill it’s actually pretty easy. Op8 only took me a few tries (if you think you’ve gotten to the fun part… you’re wrong. But you don’t. So just wait I guess)

I’m looking forward to OP8 as I understand that’s where the game begins. I’m still struggling to love Maya as a character though. Uh, I mean, I love my powers!

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Have you tried Krieg or Gaige? I love both of them. Krieg was my main since I heard about him before his release. I died a little inside when they delayed him as well :sweat:. I love Gaige but she seems much harder at higher levels when Deathtrap dies so easily. My gear was probably crappy though.


Hold up, why are you playing Maya!?! Now that I think about it… did you choose that? Did someone tell you too? Gaige would be much more fitting for you. Have you read about her anarchy stacks? Sounds like you’d be right at home

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I prefer playing female characters, and between Maya and Gaige, I was told Maya was more fun and active…and I’ll admit it, I was also hoping I’d crush on her a little, the way I do with Mell, Ambra, Alani, and Gali. Didn’t happen. :disappointed_relieved: (okay, with Mell, it’s not a little)

I don’t like the idea of using a pet or having auto-aim, which are the two main Gaige features, right?

Haha. Auto aim. She has three trees. The “girlfriend” tree (dev name, sexist, I’m sure this discussion has been had before) around death trap doing most of the work. A shock tree, not all too popular. And anarchy. Sweet, sweet anarchy. The more shots you fire (something similar), the more anarchy builds up. More damage, less accuracy. Reloading erases all stacks. Eventually, you hit things behind you. Incredibly strong at close range, but you have to be agile and watch reloads carefully. How was this not reccomend to you lol. And if you were to crush on anybody, make it someone from presequel. Much better main characters.

Also, battleborn still was released too early. Possibly because of 2k. It simply wasn’t ready. And if the devs thought so… I think the evidence speaks for itself at this point


I’m curious about Athena for obvious reasons… but everyone’s enthusiasm for TPS seems so low. It’s a shame.

I should try Gaige out. Yeah, I won’t get into the girlfriend tree thing (I’ve read about that particular debacle… Safe to say anyone can guess how I feel about it). I seriously wish there was a way I could just recreate Mellka though :cry:

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