Battleborn Drawing Archive

Gonna be drawing out my favorite battleborn and posting them in this thread as a way to archive the process, critiques are welcome, also anyone can share there art here too.
The first one is gonna be whiskey, who although is not my favorite, that space is reserved for Orendi, will be the first one I try my hand at drawing.

Chose whiskey as the first Battleborn, because his grungy battle-worn style was appealing, and suits my drawing style better. I plan to fully color him once I have some more free time. I also plan on redrawing him in a more unique pose down the line, since this one is pretty basic.

after that either Orendi, or Montana will be next.


had some free time after class, no readings were assigned so here’s the colored version

started on orendi as well


These are so detailed! I love them!

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At least top 3, right?

Looks rad! I’m not the kinda guy who can critique art though, makes me uncomfortable, because I might make them uncomfortable.

Looks rad though! Ol’ Foxtrot is my personal favourite.

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Is orendi flipping me the bird?


Both are amazing! And some of my favorites in Bb aswel.

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definitely top 3, probably second favorite
edit: here’s Orendi in color


Close enough. xD


Wait, is that lets bounce? Cause if so ITS WRONG!
Just kidding.

These are some of the BEST Fanart ever. Love the detail.

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Nicely done; i LOVE the detail!


I love this!

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Thank you all for the kind words. I will try to post some more soon, but I have work, and I want to put some time into Battleborn, since I only have a chance to play over the weekends.

Up next are El Dragon and Attikus.


here’s the inked el dragon, gonna color him in tomorrow… probably, would have finished him earlier, but Genesis 4.

Kinda meh on the shading I did on the arms, especially the hands, but hopefully it will look better in color.


“Second place is the first loser!” :stuck_out_tongue:

And third is even worse. :kissing_heart:

It’s not like mah boi Whiskey would feel distraught about not being everyone’s favourite character. Probably.

Never met the guy, so I don’t wanna speak for him, even if I’m already known for speaking AS him in rp sessions.

Golf clap.

I especially like the detail on the belt.

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Here he is in color