Battleborn Dream

Lately I’ve been having dreams about Battleborn and new characters being announced. Maybe I’m too hyped for this game.

The reason this is in LLC discussions is because I would like to talk about a Battleborn I saw in my dream.

Golden Bullet was her name. (Obviously I didn’t come up with this name, this is just what my dream world came up with for some reason)

She was a golden dog who was a part of the LLC. She looked somewhat like this, but more wolf-like and fierce looking.


She obviously walked on all fours and had the ability to pounce forward very quickly causing damage to nearby enemies, similar to a bullet. Her primary weapon was her bite, and I think it’d be pretty cool to have a character that walks on all fours. What do you think of Golden Bullet?

Again, I didn’t come up with this character. She was created entirely in my dream.


Dreams are yours SOO YOU MADE IT KK? and the name is not to be an ass but is umm not good but i like the character

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I personally think “Golden Bullet” is a terrible name, but that’s just what happened in my dream.

Just say FU** YOU DREAM and name it your self:D

Some of humanity’s greatest inspirations have come from dreams. Go with it.

I think a low to the ground, 4 legged character could be fun. It just might look weird though when the player pans their camera without moving. That would require a lot of extra motion capture and programming just to not look cheap/funky.

One thing I’ve noticed is that almost every hero, if not all of them, have some sort of ranged option for dealing damage. How would Bullet deal ranged damage?

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An ear-splitting sound attack in the form of a bark or howl?


Your dream was doing it wrong.

An ear-splitting sound attack in the form of a bark or howl?


ARF! ARF! wirrr urrrgnnn clack clack. wirr ugnn wirugn clack clack. generic, royalty-free panting noises

Edit: Oh wait I’m a month late…

I’ll try to say something more constructive than old timey nostalgia memes:

Apparently the silhouette of the new LLC battleborn is out there.

My inexpert guess:
The Eldrid one is obvious.
The Rogue one will be the fish-man-lizard thing

So this leaves:

The LLC one will be the chicken-person. They could however be a UPR member, but I believe she will be a machinist/engineer just like Elly from Borderlands. Gearbox has been borrowing character types from Borderlands for this game in some isntances already, and this really wouldn’t suprise me given the other bird-person is already is a total Hodunk. A grease-monkey LLC char would be a very interesting foil towards the other prim and proper members of the LLC. Even the TV personality of El Dragon isn’t anywhere down-to-earth enough to be as drastic a foil.

I am expecting the new robot to be a planetary defender robot or mech working with the UPR.

Rest in peace Doge of Dreams.