Battleborn E-Sports plans

So, it’s only been a day since launch, but I think this game has the potential to be a big player in the E-Sports arena and, in my opinion, is WAY more fun to watch and play than the other big player in the market coming out later this month, Overwatch.

I guess my real question is what plans are in place or considerations have been made to make this game a player in the E-Sports world? Do you guys at Gearbox have plans to start sponsoring official tournaments and championships? Any plans for official YouTube and Twitch channels? Do you need commentators to provide play-by-play and color commentary for matches?

I realize the game has only JUST released, but I’ve been excited about it and following it since close to it’s inception and announcement and I don’t think I’m the only person in that boat. Furthermore, as a Dallas local, I like to see things from this area do well and succeed. Keep us posted on where the future of Battleborn is headed!


a few things would have to happen. they would have to normalize or do away with gear entirely. having random rolls immediately prevents mlg from happening. the second thing that would need to happen is a LOOOOOOOOOT more interest in the game. Really a huge leap to go from not one gamestop in the world having 50 preorders in order to have a midnight release, to all of a sudden being an esports game.

the last thing, and most important thing, is that gearbox and 2k would have to come to the conclusion and concede to themselves that when it comes to pvp competitive balance that they are in way over their heads. they should just outright admit it and consult some people like the guys over at 343, for example. some of the early nerfs they have made to the game was a really common sign of immaturity as a pvp developer. A seasoned veteran would not look so much at what players are doing, and rather would look at what characters are capable of. they are making major rookie mistakes. they playtested these characters in the best possible control methods possible, but yet did not trust their own testing and instead chose to go with what the masses are capable of. anyway, this turned into a rant and i am sorry. but they would definitely need to consult some more mature and experience pvp developers for balance


But we the community are the experienced balancers! Why would they keep something that statistically proves common thought is upset about? It’s all in a work in progress and less concrete as your cutting and drying it. I didn’t play the CTT but the evolution in abilities sounds all for the better, with an idea of the hero in mind-and tweaks to accommodate the shared vision of creator and user. As for esports, it totally works and I’m down for a trip to texas to see even a small tournament (pax south ne1?). And with gear, I’m finding green gear to be more powerful and a third of the activation cost of the blues and purples when it comes to health related boosts (like overall health and recharge %). But assuming you can microtransact packs in future, they couldn’t be included in tourney with pay 2 win in the air. But maybe a set collection of gear that everyone could vote on, and picks and bans with gear would spice ■■■■ up …

Gearbox has stated that if the community wants Battleborn to become an e-sport they will support it. There’s already some community efforts going on such as as well.


It will happen. No doubt.

It’s a website for the Battleborn competitive scene. Edited my post with a proper link.

Make a scrimmage/team up thread
Maps/rules thread
All DAT and etc etc etc
We all need to come together here on this site lol

that’s pretty grandiose. just take a look at ambra, for instance. im not debating whether or not either nerf was needed right now, i just want to make a point. add up the dmg nerf from the first nerf with the second. the second was 30 pct dmg nerf to both melee and beam, and the first was even more. add that up. are you telling me that the huge amount of game testing they did in a controlled environment missed the mark on a character by more than half? and that is just one instance. that in and of itself is a perfect example of inexperience and immaturity in balancing. either they were really wrong at first, or they are really wrong now. which is it? the same people that made them are the same people changing them. they just need some help from an outside source with more experience with these sort of things. esports is a big deal, and hard to attain. look at destiny for instance. larger playerbase than probably almost any game ever, with the exception of maybe some CoD’s, and it never even was seriously considered for esports.

No doubt on coming together! And I won’t disagree that Dominator makes some very valid points. I’d say for competitive purposes, the gear system could be dropped or modded so that everyone has access to the same pool of resources at the tournament location.
And as far as consultation goes, I’d say they absolutely could benefit from some collaboration with groups that have more experience in this field, but I will counter that with this; the whole e-sports thing is still pretty fresh in its own right. That means some people have to get out there and make some mistakes to figure out how to do it right. League tweaks and nerfs champs on a regular basis and there’s still HUGE imbalance issues when the community figures out a new meta or a new champ is introduced. No battle plan stands up to contact with the enemy and the gaming community will always be trying to figure out some new trick or exploit to gain the edge. That’s some of the most valuable data a company can ask for when it comes to development and game sustainment.
I just think that this is just such a unique and different fusion of team based shooter and MOBA that it deserves people’s attention.


well said sir

well put. we will have to see. it has some of the very hard to attain main ingredients. not to mention i am already encountering a lot of the toxicity in the form of premades that stomp randoms, yet turn down my invitation to play my full team in private matches. that just screams ■■■■■ to me lol

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Absolutely right. I love gearbox and I love this damn game, but the balance just isn’t there. The entire point of a “sport” is that everything is balanced; all sides have equal opportunity to access the same playing field and the same equipment. That’s why CS:GO is 30 rounds, half CT, half T. That way everyone has access to the same parts of the playing field, for the same amount of time, and the same equipment for the same amount of time.

Battleborn doesn’t have that. Its maps and game types are all MOBA-styled, meaning everything is played in one round, on the same map. But the maps aren’t even close to symmetrical, like a DOTA or Paragon map. And Battleborn doesn’t have balanced access to equipment either. What equipment you can get is dictated by random drops, and that loot is semi-randomized in terms of its stats. League or DOTA give you immediate access to all equipment and items from the beginning, and the map is perfectly balanced.

The only thing they could realistically do is, like you said, remove the gear entirely, OR, create a competitive gearset. Have two or three of every piece of gear that are accessible to everyone, which they can choose to build into their loadouts pre-match. That way, to a certain extent, everyone has equal access at first.

Basically I just restated everything you just said, but yeah. And you’re right in saying that they really don’t know what they’re doing in the PvP arena. This is Gearbox’s first ever attempt to make a PvP focused game, and while it is an admirable attempt, it still needs some work.

Edit: I need to read replies before I post stuff XD

one word: galilea. they said something on here awhile back that they were concerned about galilea when we saw her because they knew she was nuts. they nerfed phoebe into the ground, nerfed ambra into the ground, rath has an ult, but left her untouched. i simply cannot wrap my head around how they are doing nothing about her right now

I’ve not yet played her yet, but I’ve heard she’s OP as hell. And that seems to hold true every time I go up against her in PvP: Unless she’s being played by an absolute noob, she destroys everyone and everything. Any ideas on what they should do? Melee scaling? Additional cooldowns? Increased Squishy-ness? :stuck_out_tongue:

really just get rid of the stun. she would still be incredibly strong, but the stun needs to go.

Well the downside to Galilea is that her abilities suck for killing, she has a 2 second stun, and desecrate does 370 damage over time if you get the helix and the enemy is dumb enough to stand in it. Her ult only does 270 damage, over time, but allows you to run away easier. The only way to kill someone is to go up there and melee away, every other character, except supports, has attacking abilities capable of dealing far more damage in bursts. Does she probably need to be adjusted? Yes, but she’s not as overpowered as people seem to think

Now for making the game more viable for competitive play there are several adjustments that could be made to do that, personally I feel that the gear loadouts are fine the way they are, but I know people would whine that the only reason they lost was because the opponent had better gear if left alone. A competitive loadout optiion for tournaments with one of each type of gear in both rare and uncommon levels that players could choose from would work for both balance and maintaining the complexity of the system. Some maps would need to be adjusted to make them more even but Gearbox has already said that they’ll be adding more maps so some of those could work for it. Also try to remember that the game has been out for all of 4 days so alot of what you’re asking for maybe addressed in future updates.

Oh yeah, definitely. Its been the downfall of my Whiskey Foxtrot many times… All this talk about her kinda has me wanting to play her now; only in Story though. I’m not that big of a douche XD

My point exactly I agree with all of these concerns but the game hasn’t been out a week. Give the Devs time people, like wait a week before we start burning devs in the square lol.

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The problem with galilea is her fundamental design. Her field should be a drop like other characters, not move with her.