Battleborn Fan Creation

So, how it all begun? I was greatly inspired by Battleborn and think this game has a lot of potential. And so happened that I came up with ideas for possible playable character, so I wanted to share my thoughts and concepts with you (cuz it was real fun experience). Any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated. ;] (really long post and I don’t even know how to hide it under spoiler, so, uh, sorry and my bad)

Name: Roach Gallows (mostly called Gallows)
Faction: Rogue
Class: Distruptor (and support)
Stats: Health - 3/5, Power - 3/5, Range - 3/5, Speed - 4/5


Interrogation Gloves: Gallows carries mechanic gauntlets with herself, which are attached to Thunder Carrier by metal ropes providing middle range attacks like grappling, pushing and punching enemies. Interrogation gloves can be augmented.
Also you can charge your gloves with electricity.
“I will crush you with a loud, loud crunch!”
Thunder Carrier: Backpack behind her is not to be confused with supply bag. Though it’s a little bit dusty because of old travels. What it gives to Roach? Well, a plenty of things.
Roach doesn’t really have such thing as cooldown. Instead she gains “charges” during basic gameplay that you spend for using skills. Count of charge bars is limited, though can be increased by helix.
For example, if you gained 3 charges, you can use without a row one skill 3 times or 2 times on skill and 1 time another, etc.
This will help grap or zone more more enemies if assisting friends or become a deadly combo force if playing solo.
“Power comes with an expense.” or “Power comes through punishment.”


Twitchy Fingers: Gallows use her Interrogation Gloves to pull enemies towards her. If enemy cannot be grappled, it deals damage.
“You ain’t running away while I AM here.”
Breakdown: Same as Twitchy Fingers, except you push enemy away. If foe hits the wall or obstacle, he takes damage. If foe hits another foe, they both take damage.
“Another one bites the dust!”
Coldfire Overdrive (Ult): Between Gallows’ hands static electricity builds up and turns into a ball of energy. Slamming it, Gallows causes large explosion in close range. If it hits friends that are near you, they feel unneedebly energetic for some reason and their speed overall (movement speed, attack speed, a slight buff to cooldown reset) becomes slightly better for a couple of seconds, while your enemies desire they weren’t your enemies at all. The beefier ones become temporary stunned.
“(scream of electrocution)”

  1. primar attack
  2. twitchy fingers
  3. breakdown


  1. skill that increase range of Twitchy Fingers / VS / Twitchy Fingers stun enemies on grab
    And unsorted skills:
  2. every time you Breakdown someone, a large nova blast appears where they fall
  3. every time you Breakdown a foe, a wave that pushes enemies away appears


Freelance executioner and a bounty hunter by vocation, Roach Gallows leads her merry way seeking treasures, pretty ladies and handsome dudes and people that need their heads off the shoulders. For the sake of money and burning the deserving with electricity for fun, of course. So you better pray you encountered her on accident and you don’t bear any specific information.
No home, no long living pals. A mistfit, she was. Gallows did not even want to take her part with whole Solus deal. And so happened one day that she got an order from misterious customer who promised to pay her generously. The order to kill Rendain and save the last star she was forced to escape to. Since the universe is at it’s end and more likely there won’t be any more clients, then why won’t accept the challenge?
Noticable character traits: adventurous, aggressive, arrogant, clumsy (kind of), freedom-loving, happy-go-lucky, straightforward

Samples of Speech

*- So, did you get the access codes?
- Pffft. Of course I got 'em! Peace of cake.

  • Awesome, so what are you waiting for? Aren’t you there to share them with us?
    - Yeah, which… part of it? The brain or-- the spine?
  • …what?
    - I mean, I totally WOULD get the codes, if I… didn’t… rip off guy’s head on accident?.. Now, just before you judge, this was a huge BLOODY mess and if you were me, you’d be totally mentally harmed. Just… WHATEVER, keep fighting, I PROMISE I’LL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT!
  • This is NOT an excuse!
    - Babe, you should be thanking me instead for keeping your psyche healthy. I might have described it in details! Here: (dramatically) his spinal cord looked like a necklace of broccoly slammed together with FRIGGING ketchup! (sincere) If this is not disturbing, then at least it’s culinary unacceptable.

- (thinking out loud) …well now. Just to see if it works, I guess I gotta just bump it with electricity for a tiny lil’ bit… (loud electricity sound. Tells that electicity stream is nor little, nor even tiny)

  • For the love of-- please, DON’T. It will override the system and–
    - Hehehe-- (explosion noise) WHOOPS!.. What were you sain’? Ah, yes. Too late, buddy! It’s the bad news. The good news: your way should be opened now. If not… well, do the same thing as I did!

Post Scriptum, or ideas that were thrown away and overall character development process (?)

First of all, I would like to thank greatly for the help with design and suggestions my friends tastyCyanide and MadMaddy (, if you like comics, you might be interested, so check him out)

And then some, uhh, development info?.. I guess?..
Except Gloves Gallows also had Mega Busters that was her primary attack. Though we with tastyCyanide decided to concentrate on the Gloves more, so we removed that. (that might change later again? I dunno)
Couple of Helix ideas, that I developed for Busters:

  1. if your chargable Mega Busters shot hits enemy, it quickly bounces to a cople of another close ones in chain
  2. you cast around 3 chargable shots at a time / VS / your chargable shot pierce enemies and acts like a boomerang
  3. shot bounces from enemy to enemy
  4. chargable shots deal not so many of damage anymore, but stun/debuff enemies in some way
    With Busters there was ult.skill called Akimbosplosion. Double pistolsThough it’s epic, we removed it also because without Busters it made little sence. …or did it?

Contact info (just because I can)