Battleborn Fancraft <3 Update: New Stuff 4.19.2017

Thank you!
Already have a huge To-do–list for more Battleborn related crafts.

Also thanks for motivating me to join the Gearbox community, I don´t know exactly how, but you did^^


Just finished - The Jennerit Empire logo as keycharm. My bigger pendant was a mess, but this one turned out nicely I think^^ Maybe I´ll do one from UV-active acrylic soon.


This is rad! Passing on to the team as well as tagging @Jythri so he can see! Great work! :smile:

Work in progress of my Eldrid logo - maybe I´ll post a tutorial when I´m done with it.


Thanks alot Joe! Though I´m more eager to finish up my Eldrid pendant ^^
I hope he´ll like it! Take care of you guys, not that the pre-release stress kills any of you!

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Just finished my (3rd) Eldrid Pendant this night! The first two pieces were horrible, but as we know 3rd time is the charm, bad pun definately intendet.
I hope you guys like it!

Handsculpted by me from polymerclay, workingtime approx. 5hours.
For the Tutorial visit my other post!
-> Eldrid Pendant - Polymerclay Tutorial & Workthrough


Something NEW!!! Finally I had some time to finish this pendant I had started a month ago :smiley:

So here: A Orendi-themed pendant!

Thought her symbol would make a nice charm^^ Maybe I´ll do another one featuring one of her “hand-eyes”, I really like their design.

Its completely handsculpted by me from polymerclay and handpainted with Citadel-Colors. Comes on a fitting orange leatherband.

Hope you guys like it :3


Ever thought about miniature statues? With simplified unnecessary details. Maybe a sort of Chibi look? Don’t know whether Polymer Clay is able to stand freely, so maybe with a wire skeleton?

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It is awesome to say the least!

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Wow that is all beautifully done!

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Thank you so much! <3 I hope I´ve time for some bigger sculptures until the release, just can´t decide for a character/motive >.<


Thank you!!! <3

Hey! Pssst!


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Second this notion.

/Totally not biased.

Wooow! Could you sell me one? :heart_eyes:

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A little work in progress teaser pic of another Battleborn-project I run at the moment

So far its round rubberfoam circle, painted with Citadel-Colors. The white symbols follow now.

Hope I can finish it soon^^


The base of my project is done - Mikos hat :slight_smile: I´m pretty happy how it turned out so far^^


Here another tiny crafty project I did a few months back, but only came to make photos now -

Jennerit Style Earrings

Well, since I´ve unpierced ears (as girl, thats almost as being a unicorn…) I can´t really use them -

If theres anyone of you who would like them or you have a girlfriend deserving a badass gift, feel free to drop me a PM :heart:


Further progress in of my bigger Miko-related crafting projects!

Two of her daggers made from paper - I first painted them with ballpoint-pen and colored them with COPICs, then I cut them out.

And the hat is completely painted now too

Can you guess what it will become? :wink: (the answer “a 2D-Miko” does not count!)

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Papercraft? Nice. I love this stuff!

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