Battleborn Fantasy Fight: Contender S&A

( the Destroyer) #1

So who would win in a fight among our tag team duo Shayne & Aurox versus the unstoppable Gaige & Deathtrap from Borderlands 2 (This is considering mixes of builds to just the raw trees themselves so a possible amount of fights)

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(wisecarver) #2

I maxed Shane and added that awesome skin, there is no stopping her!

(Ambra's Arbiter) #3

Gaige. Simply because she could one shot with a shot gun.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #4

Mhhh… A boomerang vs. the Twister on OP8… I love S&A far more than the constantly shrieking Gaige, but I think Gaige would tear them apart :sweat_smile:

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(Master of pendles.) #5

Gaige would probably destroy them. Death trap is an elemental death machine and Gaige has anarchy…which with a shotgun is instant death

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #6

Is this lore or gameplay, because isn’t battleborn on a completely different level?

(Ambra's Arbiter) #7

Yeah, in Borderlands they basically become invincible. Yet Battleborn are the strongest in the remaining universe.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #8

I always thought of the battleborn as being on a higher level (and yes I play borderlands

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