Battleborn final skins

I’ve been playing the battle born beta for a while now and myself aswell as friends who also play the game feel like the final skin for the battleborn are boring they are just purple and grey and we feel they should be more animated and make people want to show the skin off for example when you complete galilea you unlock her corruption skin and for Toby he could be in a penguin robot, something that relates to the characters.

2 things:

Wrong part of the forums.
Not all skins are available in the beta.

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yea, not all of the skins are shown, those are just the ones unlocked for leveling the character during beta. Perhaps there will be more unlocks and higher ranks for characters later.

there will also likely be purchasable skins as well.

also, loot crates for specific factions have rare animations and skins in them. I got a rare animation for Thorna and a rare skin for Deande.

and some of the rarer ones I’ve seen bots use are pretty crazy, though I agree they could do even more with some of them. but we will have to wait and see