Battleborn finally dead?

Been queuing on US servers for an hour, been at 1/10 the whole time. Gearbox, what the ■■■■. How could you just sit idly by and let this great game die? Yes, your game is dead. DEAD. Because you guys LET it die. You had a solid and VERY loyal fan base, and you let it die. You’s had a precious garden. It was magnificent. Unlike any other, it was amazing. And then one day, you’s stopped watering it. It quickly withered and died. This was an amazing game that I played every day because I loved it, but you’s stopped trying. How can anyone love the skeletal remains of the former glory that was battleborn? Was this just to raise funds for Borderlands 3? If that was the case, I hope to never see that game. Battleborn was a statement, a statement that showed people how love and hard work could triumph and gather a cult following loyal until the end. But like a precious garden, you guys stopped caring, stopping watering it, stopped pruning. Now it’s dead. Who is to blame? Wanna blame Blizzard? That is fine, but in truth, it was ‘Gearbox’ that let this game die. Through outright neglect, it died. The worst part, there are many that feel exactly like I do, cheated of the greatness that is formerly known as Battleborn. I get that hardships can hurt motivation, anyone can understand this, but when I get depressed, do I stop feeding my pets and let them wither and die? No. I love them, they love me. I don’t let them wither and die. I give them what they need and show love. I would be a lot richer without my pets. That doesn’t mean I LET them die so I can have more money to myself rather than supporting them. But Gearbox? I used to have more respect for them than any other company out there. But now? Seeing them let something so beautiful have such a tragic fate? Emphasis on ‘LET’. They easily could have fixed these problems, they could have made back more than what they spent creating this masterpiece. But nah, all good things come to an end, nearly always before they are due. This is especially the case with Battleborn. It is an unwanted child that was loved by many. They didn’t want to feed it, it died. I hope to never see borderlands 3. I hope to never see another gearbox game. This is the best work they have ever made, and they LET it meet this fate. They did nothing to stop it.

I made a lot of friends in this game, and they all feel the same way. Funny that, huh? They feel like Hansel and Gretel. Their parent’s couldn’t be bothered working to support them, so they abandoned them. Would you abandon your child because they weren’t raking in the dosh for you? No? Wow, it’s as if you were bound to be (or already are) a good parent! Gearbox though, nah they would rather throw there less than two year old in a river to fend for itself.
Great job Gearbox, I hope you go under just like the child you through in a river.


Oh yeah, one last note? I wrote this during the peak hours while queuing for a game that never happened.

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Its not …finally dead… A few dedicated players still play it a ton. Other players like myself, may log in here or there but believe the game needs to address some issues that we feel prevent it from being enjoyable. We just got word that yet another update is in the works… but unlike last time where I thought the WU would save a lot of things it wasnt what I thought it was going to be… I am just hoping for more consistent and regular character/gear balances and tweaks… The same META game META gear for months is what makes it unfun for me and possibly others…

Besides the Old witch and possibly dying, Hansel and Gretel had a pretty sweet deal… puns for days.

Play something else and dont put in the amount of energy in BattleBorn. If you feel that they “Gearbox” are not doing anything then just stop playing or caring. I am pretty confident most of the community have already repeated everything that is wrong with game or things that need looked at, since before the release…


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