Battleborn for Nintendo NX?

  1. Yes i got a weak spot for Nintendo.

  2. Yes we know nothing about Nintendo NX.

  3. Square just announced that Dragon Quest 10 +11 are coming to Nintendo NX.

  4. I don’t know how hard it is to program for the Nintendo NX and if it fits the requirements.

  5. Dragon Quest 11 runs on Unreal Engine 4, so if they support NX that would be great.

  6. Battleborn was meant for a broader audience.

  7. New IP’s work better in the early life cycle of an console.

(this is so getting the “we have nothing to announce at this moment” treatment) :wink:

Discussions ???


I’m always down for motion control support, no doubt NX will still have a million controllers to choose from.
NX pls

nah, Most Nintendo games even lack motion controls or good second screen support that you couldn’t do without the gamepad.

I do enjoy the offscreen mode where you can play on the gamepad while the lady of the house can still watch her favorite soap.

A game should be build for motion control not try to add kinect functions because it’s so hip.

but there is nothing know about the console so does it even support motion controls or a second screen ? publishers are even cancelling companion apps.

The only motion controls I really ever enjoyed was in Metroid Prime Trilogy. They felt so right.

Skyward sword was the best. Also, looks like the NX won’t have an optical drive, so idk how it’ll work with transferring wii u saves.

Save to usb/hdd. job done.
What would you even transfer saves for? Splatoon?

smash bros, hyrule warriors, mario maker, bayonetta 2, all my wii saves. etc etc. and there’s no way in hell nintendo will let you save to usb and load them without proof you own it. That’s basically saying sure, go ahead and use downloaded rom’s.

They’re save files, I don’t think they care if you own the game or not since you need the game to well… load them.

you have to have the game to use the save files. and no one is going to rebuy a game as a download when they have the disc. so you either rip it or download it. which they wont allow, because how do you know which is which?

If you downloaded stuff from the wii eshop you were getting a unique copy of the game. During the transaction the MAC-Address of your console got embedded into the game file. This way the game would only run if the MAC-Address matched and therefore prevented piracy.

Backwards compatibility is a thing. Microsoft didn’t do it at launch of the Xbox One and got kicked for it. No they are launching backwards compatibility later this year. If you bought it in the xbox store you have it automatically if you have a disk version simply insert the disk and it will download a download version for you.

It would be great if Nintendo does something like Microsoft. Nintendo is working on a new online platform for your profile, so hopefully they will integrate all of the awesome features that are also on Xbox and Playstation.

It hasn’t even been confirmed there is no optical drive, so there is no reason to even care about saves and whatnot before it’s even announced.
The patent that just shows cartridges doesn’t mean “yo no disc drive”

The patent was for ‘A Console’ not necessarily the NX (right). So that could mean a Mini-WiiU that goes digital only once Big-N releases their new online infrastructure.

It matters to me very, very much. ripping the games from the disk, or the saves from the console is simple, no problem. the problem is playing your ripped rom on a different console. which is what we’re going for. not talking about vwii hacking, that was done in like 2 days after release. but here we are, 3 years later and still no full wii u homebrew. the nx is supposed to be able to play all wii u games. If it DOESN’T have an optical, i’ll have to rip them from my discs. which is why roms and saves matter.

I would buy it if it came to nintendo nx. Espicaly if it has splatoons motion controls. I did not like them at first, now i wish every shooter could do them ,its a nice go between from a controler and a mouse.

i played splatoon with the motion controls at Gamescom 2014. It works, but i might be a bit old skool with my buttons. having to look and turn with 2 different inputs felt a bit awkward. So ones i bought the game, i immediately set motion controls off.

i still haven’t played it. and i want it.

I did not like them at first either. But they grew on me after about 30 minutes. I think it took that long to reprogram my brain, since i was so used to using just the anolog controls. Most of the people that do well on splatoon use the motion controls for quicker and better aiming. Thats what i want, quicker headshots. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Nintendo has done a good job distancing themselves from Microsoft and Sony over the past few decades. There are very few titles that run on Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, and even fewer that are preferable on the Nintendo console.

The point being that most gamers that only own a Nintendo system couldn’t care less if they get to play Battleborn, and gamers that own a Nintendo system and a Microsoft/Sony system will buy it for the console with superior hardware. There’s not enough demand to create something for a console that doesn’t even exist yet.

I agree on buying it for the most powerful system, which is why i’ll be buying it for pc. But you’re right. nintendo distances itself, and purposely uses older hardware. the nx is supposed to be on par with the ps4, which is a big leap for nintendo.

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The answer is cloud based saves. Godbless Nintendo