Battleborn Forum channel suggestion

There are a couple of Forum Topics that I believe should have their own channel instead of just being lumped into the “General” section.


Glitch/Bug reports

I would explain why they deserve their own channels, but I think it’s self explanatory.

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I think thats basically a good idea, but it could bring some problems along.
“Feedback” is very very general and almost everything can be perceived as feedback. From a most detailed character analysis down to a “this game suckz”. So I think it would not provide the order in the forums as desired.

As for Glitch/Bug reports - thats actually something I´ve thought about too. My guess that such a section does not exist yet is that it would led to many many people to write a topic here instead of using the official support-tickets. A forum-topic can be overseen by the GBX-staff, a support-ticket is the safer way if you want to be sure GBX will know about the issue.

Also for bugs/glitches there exist many “Mega-Threads” and collection topics people put up to collect all incoming data. Not many people use these options because they don´t look arround the forums before writing…

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I know allot of threads fall into a feedback category, but I thought it would be a good place for compliments, complaints, and suggestions. That way it would free up the General section for discussions, votes, and ideas. Basically, less specific topics related to Battleborn.

While support tickets are the most direct method of reporting, it’s clear that people do post on the forums instead of, or in addition to, using support tickets. I think having a location to direct those threads would make it easier for players to notice those megathreads. It would also be easier for GBX to see that information without sifting through everything in the General section.

I just figured it would be better if the General section wasn’t so bogged down. :innocent:

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Another example of why I think a feedback category would be nice.

I was just attempting to make a friendly suggestion regarding a playable online demo. Only to have the thread locked. I was than directed to post in another thread discussing Free to Play. I personally don’t see Demos and Free to play conversations as the same.

Personally, I would rather just drop an Idea in a suggestion section and let it be, than be redirected to repost something I just wrote in a thread that, while similar, is not what I’m actually referring to.

I’ve checked the many subforums around and I’m glad they’ve made platform-specific subforums, but I think this “General Discussion” forum is probably the best place for the more general suggestion threads.

If you want to draw attention to a specific idea in a thread a moderator deems to be similar to yours, just ping @JoeKGBX in your post. He’ll definitely see it and let you know if it’s something he intends to suggest in the next dev meeting. Around these parts, having your own thread isn’t as useful as making sure your idea is seen.

If you can believe it, Joe and the other devs even check their inboxes regularly. :astonished:

The only problem I see with having so many various topic relegated to the general forum, is that it becomes inundated with topics. Conversations that could be pleasant get burried by frustration and arguments.

That’s why traditionally, the feedback subsection is where those types of threads end up. Without one, the general section becomes chaotic.

I think that’s the nature of a “general” forum. It’s always going to be chaotic. I was just glancing at the various subforums that already exist and I can see how a lot of the threads in here would just as easily go in another existing forum. People come here because it’s a catch-all and because people tend to bookmark this forum and look at it first.

Not that I think a suggestion drop-box is a bad idea for a subforum, but I wonder that the suggestions made might not get as much attention if they were separated out?

Generally suggestions are geared towards the developers, so having their own section would give them a place to view them without sifting through various other subjects. At least, thats how I see it.

I thought this too, before I realized simply pinging Joe got his attention, it works with the devs, too.