Battleborn free weekend off the back of the Overwatch weekend

Hi guys this is my 1st post here and ill be honest i only came about battleborn whilst playing the Overwatch beta. It does look interesting but im not going to sink £40 into it without trying it for myself. Now Overwatch beta has ended i think it would be agreat idea to put your product out there whilst people are waiting or searching for something until Overwatch release. I for one will download it and try it in a heartbeat. I actually have downloaded Paladins tonight and and testing out the beta as they sent me an email with key earlier tonight. How quick they were after the Overwatch beta right. Was that a coincidence?


It was out there the open beta for battleborn was weeks ago.

They were quick, kinda like how Blizz launched their open beta ( and even an anticipated access to the open beta :grimacing: ) the day Battleborn was released, despite making everyone wait for forever before distributing beta keys.

Back to your suggestion I think Gearbox should release their first patch before trying a free week end operation. Just to cover some current issues that can be covered and put a tad more content into the game. On the other hand, sure, the interim between the end of Overwatch beta and its actual launch is the best moment …


then i missed it mate. But what im saying is currently people are in limbo a bit from Overwatch. Look i know its not the same game but there are similarities that cant be ignored. Im just saying now would be a good time to throw it out there again for people to have a try at it. Im so sure loads would try it

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Yes i just think its a real good time to get it out there. Ive got battleborn in my cart but i just am getting a little tight these days throwing money at games to play for a short time due to it being a fail. A bit strong but you get my point.

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Battleborn already had its open beta, I’m sorry you missed it (It happened in April)…
Though the suggestion of a ‘free trial’ probably wouldn’t be a bad idea… Might convince some others to purchase it.
Shame you won’t give it a go without trying it before hand however… It’s fun!
But it’s now up for purchase and ready to cash in on all the hard work, long hours (still continuing), and love that gearbox/2k have (are) putting into it…
Any of your friends have a copy? Maybe they will let you in on/or lend you the fun to try?
If not…
You are missing out :wink:

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The way i see it:

Overwatch = COD
Battleborn = Battlefield

What i mean by this is technically speaking the games are very similar you pick a hero you go and have fun. But overwatch is best for if you just want to have a quick blast at something and just have a fast paced bit of fun. Battleborn is for when you have more time so want to delve into more tactics etc but still in the end have fun.

Both games are worth a buy and are fun in ther own right.


Thanks Elle. Im keen to try it. Ive sunk a lot of hours into SMITE and i have seen that it echoes it a little.
Thing is SMITE is free.I really hope BB succeeds as looking from the outside in i can see they are trying hard to produce something pretty unique.

I actually think this is a great idea.


An advert like this could do wonders. It’s not the same as a beta, as it’s a released game. Perhaps limit the free trial to 1 PvP and 1 PvE map or something.

Beat Blizzass at their own game…

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The game already had and open beta and it’s been out for just over a week. Don’t expect free trials any time soon lol

I think its a super smart idea. 100% guarantee it would get an overwhelming response after Overwatch.
Im so sure it will get huge amount of extra sales from it.

I get what your saying and understand. I dont expect what i say to make any difference. Im just thinking it would be a good move because im not being funny but after the 24th May it may have missed its last opportunity to hit the masses for a while.


Strike while the iron’s hot.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Insert cliche here ->

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I played both open betas for BB and OW. I pre ordered the BB deluxe edition, and will pick up OW when it comes down in price a bit more. Buying and playing both won’t kill me.

You missed the open beta. That was unfortunate. But to be of the opinion that GBX should now drop a free trial - after having an open beta and just over a week after release - simply because you’ve finished the OW open beta and want to try out BB for free, is just a tad presumptuous, don’t you think?

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Which is a shame really as battleborn was announced quite some time before Overwatch but GB kept really quiet about it for a very long time with very little (next to none) marketing for it.

If they put a little more effort into getting the Battleborn name out there it may not be Overwatch stealing the limelight.

I got super psyched about Battleborn when they previewed it at PAX Prime last year, but then I honestly didn’t here a peep about it and had almost forgotten about it until the copy I pre-ordered showed up in the mail. So they may have dropped the ball just a tad there, particularly considering I pre-ordered it so long ago and never even knew they ran an open beta.

I tried the Overwatch Beta and there wasn’t enough there to make me want to buy it. It’s fun and all, but it felt like there wasn’t enough meat to sink my teeth into. That and the fact that it’s basically the scraped together leavings of another game entirely leave me pretty disinterested.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone will disagree that their advertisement campaign fell short! A free trial period right now wouldn’t fix that though

I have to totally disagree…sorry…

A free trial period WOULD fix that
If the timing is right
If they market it correctly AND heavily
If they add some nice little incentives

I simply believe that once a person actually PLAYS BB…they will like it.

So the “trick” is to simply get MORE people to try it.


They also released just over a week ago and you people still expect a free trial right now?? I’m done here lol

I was out of town for Beta…

I bought the game so I don’t think I’m expecting anything free.

I literally don’t expect anything…am simply suggesting ways to increase player base…

But I get your point on it’s only a week old so you may be correct on it being premature to offer incentives. My gut feeling says it’s NOT too early but I am NOT a marketing guy…

How to deploy an Infantry Rifle Company in a defensive position…dug in, in depth…with alternate and supplementary positions, supported by mortars and artillery and best places for heavy automatic weapons mines and barbed wire…

This, I know

But marketing…nope.