Battleborn Full Game Upgrade removed from Steam

Can we get an official response as to what’s going on? Why is the Full Game Upgrade no longer sold on Steam? It was removed from the store a month ago. Are we nearing the end? :frowning:

Steam page, which no longer has a buy button:

You can see here that they removed it from the store on October 22nd:


From something I read it may have moved to the Epic games store. I can’t verify myself but I do know you can buy it from the Battleborn website.

I am afraid not. I searched the Epic Store, and Battleborn isn’t there.

Can we get an official word on whats happening please?
If Battleborn is indeed going down, can we get an official post on it, instead of speculating and waiting for the worst?

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Thank you for the reply. I don’t know the active dev tags, so I pinged you. Thanks @Tokesy97

Well rip…

The game is being shut down in 2021. I don’t understand why they can’t let us keep playing it offline after they turn off the servers, it shouldn’t be too complicated to turn off the online check, no? Or give us P2P hosting, that’d be perfect. :frowning: