Battleborn gaining new players?

Recently I keep seeing low level players which I instantly think that the player base is growing, however does the number of new players outweigh the amount of players leaving IMO an absolutely brilliant game? Anyone know any numbers on this?(xboxone player)

Everytime I see a low level he’s geting crushed by a lvl 100… And I feel sorry for them.
I’m pretty sure that leads to many players stopping the game and it’s sad.
(still I believe a lvl 2 player shouldn’t be allowed to play PVP)

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Yeah I agree, I’ve had bad games where we were stomped and it completely sucks the desire to play. I use to play PVP all night, but now I play PVP once every few days.

I completely agree with you. I played about 8 hours of BB yesterday and Ive noticed an increase of low levels. I only play this game in a group and we are all lvl 100.

We shouldnt be playing these low levels as we normally crush them, 1st sentry down in less than 10min. This really needs to be fixed as some players will lose interest due to them losing so much or this bad.

Some may lose interest, but others will see the challenge and potential of the end game. Just in the past week I really felt a big difference in my matches, they became a lot harder. More people understand the game, more people are picking characters that compliment their team. I would assume that anyone who has played a competitive game before will know that at first their PVP matches will suck, but eventually get better. Someone low rank on ur team? Grab that mic and talk to them. Give them some tips, most of all DONT get pissed when they do bad. When I get put on a team of newbies, I do my best to communicate, and I dont expect to win, even though sometimes we still do.

The problem is though, IF the numbers are as low as people are saying, how long would you have to wait for a game if they separated the low levels with the high levels? It is demoralizing though when you get battered but there has to be some leeway regarding cr and matchmaking. Its just unfortunate that the game is not as popular as I would have hoped

i think the most important thing is that they do something about the visibility of levels or severely indicate that level 100 in no way means the guy has any skill, that he just likes the game a lot.

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