Battleborn Gear; Tradable in the Future?

Would it be possible somewhere down the line for our gear to be linked to our Steam Inventories?

Because of the way the gear system is currently, with all the variables, you might find yourself with many pieces of gear that you don’t personally find useful, but another person might in their builds.
Like, personally, I don’t really care for build-cost reductions at all on my gear, and I delete pretty much anything that reduces them as a secondary effect, even Epic Rarity gear. But I see that some people find build cost reductions really useful, and it’s a shame that I have to waste them.

So what if we could trade (non-lore-challenge) gear?
Either through some kind of internal system, or through Steam’s already existing system.
It seems kinda fitting what with all the random chances involved with getting gear currently.


I like that idea. I was looking through my gear earlier and thinking about being able to trade it as well.

There’s a chance it’ll be included in one of the DLC packs. I think it’d be somewhat difficult to do, though, since gear doesn’t have a solid representation in the world except for when you first pick it up. It won’t function the same way it did in Borderlands. You can’t just toss it on the ground and have somebody else on your team pick it up. They’d need to create some kind of separate lobby just for trading items. Which probably wouldn’t be all too easy to do.