Battleborn hack already!

Just played a match where the Marquis was using a aim bot hack!!! He never missed a shot… SO what are the devs going to do to fix this issue and stop cheaters? If you do not believe me or think maybe the player was just good (yeah right) then just go to youtube and do search for battleborn hacks and watch the first video…

Also I think I am done getting shooters on PC for this very reason… Battleborn will be the last shooter I get on PC…

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also, platform?

Side note that I know isn’t what you’re saying: Marquis vs my Montana makes me sad. :frowning:

PC… I havent seen hacks for PS4 or Xbox One yet… Peoeple hacked on the xbo 360 tho…

I guess people dont care until it happens to them and it will if the devs dont get on top of it…

i just had a hacker who when we versed them we versed 2 oscar mikes 1 of which was using abilities not even on oscar mike

been in two matches were the marquis was godly accurate. he snipe people the sec we came to view, and the whole group, as he was strafing back and forth on the stairs on overgrowth

so i just googled aimbot hack battleborn, and i was pissed. first thing came up was a youtube video showing a marquis using a aim bot hack and getting 100% head shots

yea people have found aim bot and i think it was health regen hacks. then wall and speed hacks for premium

Yeah it sucks!!! its funny how devs always release games that allows for cheats/hacks and then try to fix it… Lets see if these devs even care to fix it…

we will see

It’s funny how construction workers create houses that allow for thieves to get in.

It’s incredibly hard to preemptively prevent hacking, you need to see how they’re doing it to stop it.


Construction workers don’t build security products… Dumb Dumb Dumb analogy

Okay, let’s talk about the game, and not other forum user’s posts.



Yup, got a clear hacker too. Actually, I wonder if the whole team wasn’t hacking, as more than just the Marquis were displaying some weird behaviour. But I may be wrong : the aimbot may only work with Marquis. The Kleese and Isic were just very, VERY, reactive and anticipative. The Marquis could just be calling the shots with his wallhack, though.
Also, more than one of them had already been flagged by VAC on Steam, soo…

Anyway I’d be happy to dig the match ID if this could be of any use to the dev team.

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PC is where you will get 99% of the accusations of cheating, because almost all the cheating does happen on that platform.

Its one of the main reasons I switched from PC to console gaming…I got tired of all the hacking ■■■■■■■■. I’ve been on console for a few years now and have never looked back.

Yeah it’s sad… Only after a couple of days of battleborn I don’t even want to get on it ( too bad to because the game is fun)… But having to worry about people cheating just ruins the whole experience for me… I been messing with the Overwatch Beta… I don’t know what blizzard does to stop hackers/cheaters but I haven’t seen 1 hack video for Overwatch yet and that game was in beta forever… If I do get another shooter on PC it will only be a blizzard shooter. Because no other company does a good job at stopping people that love to cheat…

can’t the devs add code to the game to tell if a 3rd party app is messing with the game?

Every match has a unique ID code and I suspect that a file containing all necessary info is stored, so it wold be possible to catch cheaters. Permanent ban seems like a good first step.

Game must be doing OK if people already sell hacks.

Well, could have been worse. The game could have been hacked so hard during the Beta Gearbox would have to redesign its competitive game mode from the beginning.

On a serious note, I am pretty sure Gearbox is aware of the cheaters, even more so since we are reporting. They will definitely do something about it.

Thing is, when a game is Rated T, there are bound to be children playing it, therefore there are bound to be people who use hacks.