Battleborn Hacks!

Last night a group and I were playing incursion and got mixed in a group of hackers. They were dealing thousands of damage in a matter of seconds!! Surrendered that game hopped into another with other hackers. In one of the games whisky did 949.36 damage from just his rifle no Ult in less than a second (impossible, especially at the fire rate). This ultimately game breaking.

This is just one of three videos.

Oscar Mike gets Shredded to bits in this video, I just tried to avoid them and record what was left of the match.

In the first 6minutes of that match in the video they had 23kills with me as a Miko. My teammates were dying before the third tick of Miko’s healing beam.

And no, it’s not me, or my team. For I’ve played with these guys often, and often we dominate. As Miko, I heal on AVG of +100k a game of incursion sometimes more if I have a good tank.

My best friend was watching me play, and even he was questioning the enemy teams and gameplay. Everyone in the party also noticed the damage hacks.

Do a quick search, Sadly there are new cheat engines for BB that even work with public games.
I saw one that boosts everything for the user, they can even add as many shards as they want before the match.

That could also explain a loooot of things I saw happening that seemed… very, very odd. It’s weirder when it happens at level 1, 2, essentially damage that seem quite higher than they should be.

edit : don’t see anything conclusive in your first vid, yeah. Oscar Mike wasn’t alone so maybe he wasn’t the one that did those 700~ damage in about 2 sec :confused:

I don’t really see anything unusual in your video there.

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Same here

The Health bars gets shredded

He’s a level 3… depending on how leveled up the enemy team which has completely pushed up to his sentry is, then it may not be that out of the ordinary.

I was expecting like insta-death at level 1 by a level 1… not running around while being shot by lots of enemies and dying…

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Yeah I didn’t see anything happen to the Miko in this video that screamed hacking.

Hacking is the game I had where an enemy ISIC with his ult on was doing 2k+ damage in 3 seconds from sniper perch to any visible part in the map and jumped from hero to hero instantly snapping and missing maybe 1-2 shots at most. I rarely call hacks but I’m pretty sure this was the only legitimate time I saw an aimbot(so far), especially after I checked his steam profile and he had 2 VAC bans, 1 game ban and past Steam names such as “AA AIMBOT, AIMBOT” and my personal favorite “Adolf Hitler”.


Ok am i missing something here ? I cant find anything out of the ordinary in that video ?

It looks pretty normal to me there were like 3 guys in there with you

I would post the full game if you could. From the 30~ seconds shown it appears to be just a good ol pub stomping.

While I’m not ready to call Hax, I’ve definitely seen some spurious ■■■■.

A few nights ago, half the opponents’ team was level 2 before the first minion wave made it to the battle. Getting a Napalm Frag from OM right at the start seemed odd.

I dunno. Maybe he had a shard generator and grabbed all the shards that spawn initially and built all the buildables around his sentry to max … maybe? I should’ve checked.

Seemed strange.

(Incursion overgrowth, btw)

Edit: more directly, OP… if you see something like that, record and upload the part where you die, and specifically press R to show the damage info. And maybe press Tab to show the gear layout and character levels.

With that info, the forum CSI team can figure out if it was a lucky crit streak, within the realm of possibility, or complete shenanigans.

Yeah I’d still not dismiss the OP opinion. The video is hardly proof enough sadly, but I’ve seen some weeeeeird things in my time too. And it tends to grow.

Normally I’d just call that ‘experienced players’ but getting melted so fast by a level 1 mellka while playing Kelvin paired with an Alani was strange. Or indeed some high Oscar Mike damage.

OP, bring the other videos if you have some - if possible with a kill recap - I think we’d love to appraise them =)