Battleborn has gotten the Honest Trailer treatment xD

The trailer is hilarious. WARNING: Choking Hazzard xD.


That was great, right up until the unnecessary OW cheap shot :expressionless:


Ignore that. They tend to repeat what they hear on the internet :stuck_out_tongue: so don’t mind them.

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Like it or not its true. Due to GB’s massive shortfall with advertising and the fact blizzard has spent a huge amount of time doing just that when OW comes out its playerbase will massively outnumber BB.


No, that’s your opinion. OW hasn’t even released yet and you’re going to tell me it’s player base will outnumber BB’s? Unless you’re from the future then that statement means jack.

The most played open beta ever would beg to differ.

And its not just my opinion dont get me wrong i love BB i like it more then OW but lets face it good advertising tends to generate more interest and GB dropped the ball in that regard where as blizzard didnt.


Yeah but I really don’t think there was any way Gearbox could compete against Blizzard’s marketing. Just saying Blizzard is releasing a new game hypes it up enough. Add Taco Bell and Animated Shorts and you got a marketing machine.


I love Battleborn, more so than Overwatch. But come on, it’s a Blizzard game. It’s going to have a massive playerbase from the beginning. Overtime who knows, but Overwatch is going to be a power house. Have you been in a Taco Bell lately, Overwatch stuff everywhere.

Thats true but GB announced BB years ago and for a very long time there was no mention of it at all. Granted Blizzard always had the upper hand with marketing etc but GB really could have done more.

Its a real shame as BB is an awesome game and i have loads of fun with it but simply due to the publicity OW is getting through youtube etc its pretty safe to say its going to have a bigger playerbase on release. Now how long that playerbase lasts is another thing.

Look at how and when Borderlands 2 made the most sales.
Just wait for the sales on BB and the playerbase will slowly but surely grow,like BL and BL 2.

FANTASTIC! Probably one of the best honest trailers they’ve done!

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You don’t need to be a predictive market analyst to know overwatch is going to outsell battleborn.

The issue is that battleborn should never have put itself in a position to compete.

The consumers pay the real price here as the base dwindles.

In reality the games are markedly different, but its about time you all grew up and realized that perception is everything and marketing dictates perception, not reality.


Well said. I love Battleborn but whoever was in charge the marketing (and also the servers) needs to be fired.

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Yeah, Overwatch was announced years ago as well.

The sad thing is overwatch is completely lacking as an actual game lol. There’s virtually no content is just a standard token tf2/quake arena shooter and nothing else. Id pay 30 bucks for it at MOST but realistically its only worth 15-20.

It feels like if Overwatch had done what it should have, which is make it into an animated series, or movie, then the game would have been adequate as a cheap tie in game.

As is, overwatch is being carried entirely by hype and marketing.

Its not BAD mind you just too…standard and missing content to be worth 60-80 bucks.
I couldve justified the purchase if the game came with the blizzcon tracer statue but it comes with soldier 76 which, who the hell cares? Tracer is the only thing anyone knows and likes about Overwatch lol.



It’s 40$ - at least on PC. It comes with 12 maps - there’s 6 in BB. It has 21 unique heroes - BB has 25 Gearbox heroes.

All future maps and heroes for OW are free. Same with Battleborn. BB has a 5 hour Singleplayer, which is really just horde mode challenge with a boss at the end. OW has no singleplayer, not at current, maybe in the future they’ll produce a SP game for it, but they have released 4 animated shorts for it so far, with one planned for each character.

They’ve also announced 4 new Heroes in development, with them revealing one the coming weekend. You don’t need a Season Pass, nor grind to unlock - they’re unlocked by default. It’s also a Blizzard game, and you can’t name one Blizzard game that isn’t support til this day, at least as far back as Warcraft 2 - 1995.

Also, you’d piss off a lot of TF2 players by saying it’s standard “Token TF2” game. Comparing to QUake is abit much, though yeah, it has rocket jumping. :stuck_out_tongue:

It REALLY needs a story mode.

The generic run and gun style is kind if a waste if the characters.

Doesn’t help that since everyone dies in two seconds it almost doesn’t even matter who you pick, its just “everyone run in die respawn run back in repeat till match over.”

I know this isn’t the right word but overwatch is too…mashy/spazzy.

Battle born feels like the much better designed game, galilea notwithstanding, but the sheer marketing for overwatch makes it the winner

You clearly haven’t played the Open Beta if you think it’s mashy / spazzy. The games meta is absolutely insane, the teamplay element is among the best games out there. It really feels inspiring,. playing with people. Also, the details on the maps and the immense amount of dialogue the characters have with each other, to banter over, is impressive.

An easy example:

Hell yeah, I want a Singleplayer pretty badly. Blizzard rushes none of their games. Overwatch is like Counter-Strike, it’s simple on the surface, but the depth available is crazy. Teamwork is essential to victory. Absolutely, you cannot win with a disorganized team. You’ll be stomped by the other team, every time.

I’m not saying Battleborn is a bad game, but I don’t agree with you that Overwatch is a worse designed game, simply because it’s not a MOBA.

Here’s an example of some good Teamwork, my friends and I had.

To explain what happens in the video, one of our crowd controllers, Mei, boxes the enemy team in, as they’ve dumbly grouped up - a mistake in any game, really, she distracts and slows them as our other Team-mates get into position, using their abilities and we then do a complete Team-kill. This is just scratching the surface, we’ve seen videos of people creating new playstyles no one even thought of in the beta really.

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I did play overwatch. And you can claim meta and team gameplay all you want but the reality is there’s very little of either lol. Its just “keep bumrushing” and little more.

Every time people go on how amazing overwatch is I get the same reaction when people say the same about call of duty. I feel like saying “its not bad but have you ever PLAYED other games?!”


The game has the potential to be deep…if everyone except tanks didn’t die in like 1.5 seconds.

I used tracer and mei fyi. Mei is unique with her ice walls I admit but for the most part because everyone dies near instantly, any difference between characters is largely cosmetic. Meaning no real depth or meta beyond the absolute most minute of details.

That ridiculously low health is also why Bastion in turret mode is almost always play of the game.