Battleborn has quickly become a joke

Between the loss of players from the poor support from gearbox, and poor quality of content or really anything being talked about I’m sorry to say battleborn likely cannot recover without gearbox stepping up,

The best part is saying things like “fixes and content will be announced soon” it doesn’t do ■■■■ for anyone and just makes you look like asses gearbox everyone here has payed to play what was a great game that has been allowed to fall into such poor shape and now content that was accessible in the beta of the game is content that is required to be bought. I’ve been watching your battle plan updates and they seem to become more and more of a joke taking away more then you give the community promising fixes for this and that later yet still waiting for them so what you’ve taken from them can come back week after week.

I loved battleborn when it came out unlike overwatch which is a completely different game that it’s been compared to so much. Battleborn had variety and great gameplay but in the end gearbox you couldn’t give the community or the game the proper support to keep it alive.