BattleBorn Help save the Penguins

I am now officially press. I have at least 15 twitch followers if you don’t count me following myself.
Everyday that I am not out there on the battlefield supporting, penguins are dying.
Please Gearbox despite me Buying the digital deluxe edition already send me a steam press copy code to and do your part in saving the penguins today.


Wait, why do you want a steam press copy code?

Because as we speak there is another press penguin out there dying without a Miko or Reyna there to save him. I am willing to take a stand and be there for our Antarctican brethren.

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Umm… What… So… That’s deserving of a steam press code?

Y’know, I’m just going to… Uhh… Something something… Dead to right’s!

And I have caught Gearbox causing penguin deaths, We as a community can stop this.

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