Battleborn Hot Fix Notes (6/15/17)

A hot fix for Battleborn is rolling out today, June 15th 2017 beginning at 2pm CT. Here’s everything you need to know:

Character Rotation and Marketplace Changes

  • New Rotation: Ambra, Toby, Thorn, Oscar Mike, Phoebe, Montana

  • Next week’s rotation (Week 3): Kid Ultra, Kelvin, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Rath, Reyna

  • New bundles are on sale in the in-game marketplace to coincide with this weeks’ free character rotation!

Addition of the “All Operations” Queue

  • Join this queue to match with other players and play any of the five operation missions available to you! Players will be able to vote on their choice from three operations at a time.

  • You must own the Season Pass or all five Operation Missions in order to match into this queue.

  • Operations Required to enter the “All Operations” queue: Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, Toby’s Friendship Raid, Oscar Mike vs. the Battle School, Montana and the Demon Bear, Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar

Faction Kill Challenges Fix

  • We’ve fixed an issue that prevented bot versions of Deande, El Dragón, Ernest, and Pendles from counting towards faction kill challenges.

Voting Returns to Quick Match Queue on PC

  • PC only: Voting has been enabled in the Quick Match queue. More on this below from Creative Director Randy Varnell:

As always, we are watching how players are playing Battleborn and listening to your feedback! With that, we have some minor queue adjustments this week for PC players, with changes next week for players on all platforms including the addition of our new competitive mode, Supercharge!

Our intent with the current queue configuration is for Quick Match to be the place where players have a chance to play any Battleborn mode. Incursion, our most popular and competitive mode, is featured in Versus Draft, and we hoped that serious players or Incursion devotees would head to Versus Draft and compete there. Voting has been disabled in Quick Match to encourage those who favor Incursion-only matching to head to Versus Draft and play there, and (likewise) to keep Quick Match from simply turning into an “all Incursion, all the time” queue.

For Xbox and PS4, that has been happening regularly. We still encourage serious Incursion players or 5-man experienced teams to head to Versus Draft for closer matches. On PC, not enough Versus Draft matches are being played to provide the experience we are intending. So, this week, we will be enabling voting on Quick Match for PC players to offer some additional choice to you while we give Versus Draft a bit more time to settle.

We will be watching player habits and feedback closely, and will adjust course accordingly.


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I was wondering when this post would show up! First!

Kid Ultra in rotation next week sounds nice!


Keeping OM in the rotation is definitely a good move. He’s the most familiar character to new players so I’m sure alot will stick with him before branching out.


Doesn’t that intuit that the majority of your player base isn’t enamored with draft to begin with? That is, if you have to bait people into the queue by making it the only available place they can get their preferred game mode it probably shouldn’t be a permanent option to begin with.


Any word on Flare going invisible with characters?

Cool! The All Ops queue will be fun. I like playing random Ops sometimes and I’ve played them all so many times that it’ll be nice to keep the choice fresh.


Sorry for being a Negative Nancy now:

Can we PLEASE change quick match to Solo/Duo with voting on PC?

This solution doesn’t change the fact that a not negligible amount of people is sick and tired of stomps galore in quick match, either from premades or from matchmaking being stupid and randomly grouping up “the upper class” and matching them against Noobs. When I play in quick match, I have to bring at least 3 people with me who had spent more than twice or triple the amount of time in this game than me to play a remotely balanced game. I’m not even trying to solo queue in this game, when the odds are against me to run into tournament quality teams (no matter if random or premade) multiple times in a row and when I’m grouped up with “my carries”, there will also be some matches where I’m basically stomping someone out of the game.

Right now, I don’t really know if I can play PvP and have fun with it, when no matter what I do it makes me feel miserable (either solo queue and watch my teammates almost cry because they are farmed for kills or playing with a team and not knowing sometimes what to do to not stomp new players).

The “nice” premades would play in draft, but as said in the initial post: It was “not enough played” (aka, empty). They have to play in Quick Match to find a game.

Do you think the “let’s CC-meta spawncamp noobs until they uninstall”-teams (to clarify: I don’t mean every premade with that, but there are some special cases in this game who fit into that category) will play draft, when we basically have a dedicated Incursion queue that allows teams back now?


About time Gearbox, finally I’ll start playing BB on PC again. VS draft has been dead on PC, and quick match has been nothing but capture and face-off matches it seems like to me 80% of the time from my experience. At least on PS4 players actually play VS draft mode, which is really nice. Finally though I won’t be force to play nothing but capture and face-off on PC, thank you seriously.

The PC community really needed this though like a week ago or better yet when the Free Trial update went live, numbers should start to get a little better now in my opinion though, thanks.

I guess it’s back to Monuments: The Game now :disappointed: I was really enjoying the random game mode and map of the Quick Match… Unlike majority of the players, as it would seem, I actually enjoy all game modes. Capture and Face Off are fun and fast paced, and a very welcome change to non-stop Incursion.

Since the free trial I’ve spent as little time as possible in a premade, mostly jumping in solo and I’ve been getting good, very enjoyable, and even matches. I felt the queue was in a good place. Of course, there came across the ye ol’ stompy teams too and I sincerely hope they’ve not driven away too many new players and suffocated the playerbase again. Replacing Quick Match with Solo/Duo has come up a few times with my friends, and might be something worthwhile to consider.


Also in my opinion, you should change the PVP queue for PC at least. It should be 3 modes Quick Match consisting of (Meltdown, Face-off, Capture), Incursion only, and Bots mode.

Incursion mode can be substituted for VS Draft mode every 3 days or so for PC. Basically you should make it like it is for consoles in my opinion. Aside from that and advertising the game better, the veteran players just need to play with more players besides only friends grouped up. That’s the only thing you can do while in non Draft modes or private matches, to retain more balance matches in my opinion.

That’s just my 2 cents though, but seriously, PvP queue on PC needs to be change to those 3 modes and the game will do a lot better in my opinion, besides advertising and players also doing their part with playing with newer people who just started playing the game.

This is part of the configuration change that we are considering for next week. I’m definitely aware of the feedback on “pub stomping” and we are looking for ways to address that the best we can.


New skins please.


Also one last thing, can you please increase the drop rate for magnus skins, tanks! :slight_smile:


Fixed that for you, Fro Bro! :blush:

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And every time I look at draft:
Wait time: Long.

Can we just get an Incursion only playlist?
It’s the game’s signature mode, along with meltdown.


I only play against bots and I’m so happy that entire mode is cool now. Everything counts etc. Yes I’m a high rank, but I hate playing against real players!
And I just wanted to add that in pvp I only like incursion and meltdown. Only did one face off match so far (no bots battle) and got stomped and I’m not a fan of capture, I hate when it gets chosen.

I would love some new, not too expensive skins. The 1400 ones are €10 and seeing how much the game cost me and two season passes (me and bf seperate) it should be half off or something for ‘us’ that sticked with the game! Not even higher like after the update :frowning: that prevents me even more from buying!

Also quick question: do Kleese his rift things still work when you don’t see th lines between then? Sometimes they don’t look connected any more after a while… Do they stil work then? Wasn’t sure.


I’m really sorry, I honestly don’t want to be that whiny, but I’ve seen a big decline in number of players again and I’m scared that next week will be in the 200 players active range again if nothing happens against this problem. :frowning:

The matchmaking seems to always try to find teammates in your skill range and then you get that “nice” situation that people like me (who played something 100 - 150 public matches in total and spent the rest of their time in PvE) together with some newcomers will face a team with each 1500+ hours of competitive play in this game. Not only once, but after you met them once you will see them instantly as enemies again after the match ends.

When solo queue was first introduced and everyone got their Elo reset, it basically formed random teams and everyone I talked to told me those were the most fun and balanced games they had played for a long time (I sadly couldn’t try it, because I was out of town at that time). One mistake probably had been that it was draft initially and people mistook draft as a ranked mode.

What in my opinion could avoid too many stomps:

  • Solo/Duo (with Elo resets in short intervals to prevent the game forming lopsided teams again).
  • gamemode vote.
  • reshuffle teams after a match to discourage people from dodging until they found their premade again (or make repeated queue dodging a bannable offense).

I’d have no problems to queue up solo when I at least know it’s only a gamble if there are complete tools or hard carries on my and the enemy team. I can’t solo queue in quick match, it’s too stressful for me. I play a few games when I’m asked to join by others on my friends list, but that’s it. The problem is: I’d like to play more PvP in this game, because the modes are fun. It isn’t fun when I either don’t know what to do to not kill a Rath who runs straight into my gunfire while I only try to kill minions or feel like the worst scrub in the world when I can’t walk 2 steps without dieing.

Keep draft as a premade queue, but maybe sweeten the deal a little by adding some rewards for playing in there.


That would be an in-game ranking system.

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Next week hype! So Thursday June 22nd, I presume?

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No, it doesn’t really, sorry…

I don’t know if you play on PC but the dynamics are pretty clear. I am sure tons of people went in that queue for 5 minutes and then left because no real activity… you offer starving people a Hamburger now or a Steak tomorrow and see what they take…